Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cricut Imagine Machine - Projects and Videos!

Check out this cute bird card Melanie and I made using the new Cricut Imagine machine.  For more details, head over to Everyday Cricut!

Below is a video showing how we made this using the new Cricut Imagine Machine!

Also, check out these videos for more info:

Opening the Box of the Cricut Imagine Machine
Loading the Ink Cartridges

This Happy Hauntings layout was also created for Everyday Cricut!  Here's a copy of the Q and A on the machine that may provide some answers for those of you interested in the machine!

1) How much are the ink cartridges?  At this time, the black is $34.95 and the color is $39.95. Are the inks refillable?  Not at this time.

2) How many sheets will they print?  If you printed entire 11.5x11.5 sheets of full color (i.e. used a pattern over the full page to create what would look like a regular printed scrapbook page), we are hearing between 50-75 sheets.  If you cut and print a bunch of different images, such as yesterday's project, that number is much higher at 120-150.  I am sure it depends on how color intense the images are and their sizing.  The machine comes with black and color ink cartridges full.

3) Can you use the Imagine cartridges in the Expression/Baby Bug/Create?  No.  They have a smaller housing so they cannot fit.  However, the regular Cricut cartridges (full size, solutions, lite, cake) will fit in the Imagine and you can either "print and cut" using Imagine colors/regular ink colors or just "cut".  You could also put regular scrapbook paper in the machine and just cut the images(same as the Expression/Baby Bug and Create).

4) Can you mix and match the images from the Imagine cartridge and change the colors?   Could I have cut a yellow bird (from yesterday's project) instead of orange?  YES!  See photos below!

Regular Bird:

Colored with yellow pattern:

Colored with solid yellow:

5) Do you have to use a full sheet of paper or can you use smaller pieces?  Yes! You can use smaller pieces and there is a place to enter that info and then the machine resizes the preview and rearranges the pieces to fit them.  You can also "load last". See photos below:

Using a 12x12 sheet:

Using an 8.5 x 11 sheet (requires two sheets):

Page 2 of 8.5x11:

6) What type of 12x12 white paper came with the machine?  We do not know the brand but it was good quality, smooth cardstock.  We also tested the Georgia Pacific white cardstock from Walmart ($6 for 150 sheets of 8.5x11) and some Bazzill embossed cardstock and they all printed and cut fine.

7) So how about if we have the patterned paper already.  I am guessing we would have to use white only all the time.  We would not be able to cut the bird out of patterned paper I already had?  NO!  You can do it. You can select an outline only button and it would cut the outline of the bird.  See photo below.

8) What is the difference in the mats and can they be used in the regular Expression?  The main differences are that these mats have a new glue to them and that they have thick black edge markings around them to tell the machine where to stop printing.  They will work in the Expression.  We were told that these will be the new standard mats for all machines eventually.

I will have a new project up tomorrow here with video and a different one over on Everyday Cricut.  All projects were completed by Melanie (Courtney Lane Designs) and myself together!

Remember, the HSN launch for the Imagine Machine is on Tuesday, September 14!

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    (Super card, too, but I already commented on that at EC.)

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  15. wonderful information you've shared, and great projects. Thanks!
    But I have a question does it cut better then our CE. or is it the same.

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