Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Hauntings Bat Card - Imagine Videos with Autofill and Quantity

I made this quick A2 sized card (4-1/4" x 5-1/2") using the new Cricut Happy Hauntings cartridge.  I have a card making group and need to be able to cut multiples of images so I can provide each person with a card kit.

Since I just got the Cricut Imagine Machine, I thought I would see what the machine could do to help me make up my class kits.

I found the orange patterned dot paper on the color selection on the new Cricut Imagine More cartridge and decided to learn how to use the autofill feature to cut out as many scalloped circles onto one mat as I could.  To see how I filled the circle with the orange pattern and then used the autofill button, see the video below:

Next, I needed to cut out 9 bats to go inside my orange circles so I used the art quantity button on the Cricut Imagine machine to do so.  I also wanted to use 8-1/2" x 11" paper to cut my bats out and wanted to see how the machine handles odd sized paper.  Check out the video below to see that function:

Stamps from Michaels and Joanns.  Cardstock from Core'dinations - patterned paper by Making Memories.  Ribbon from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  Punch by Martha Stewart.

Hope these videos are helping you to see the different functions of the Cricut Imagine machine.

For those of you worried that I have abandoned the Expression machine, do not fear!  I still love my pink E and plan to continue to feature projects and cartridges related to that machine.

Here is a link to other Imagine Videos:

Provocraft Demos the Imagine Machine at CHA
Opening the Box of the Cricut Imagine Machine
Loading the Printer Cartridges
A Little Birdie Told Me Card using the Imagine Machine
So Sweet Card using the Imagine Machine

Also, here are the answers to some questions we received over on Everyday Cricut:

1)  Can I use my existing mats in the Imagine machine?  No.  There are dark lines all along the edges of the Imagine mat that define it for the machine.  You can use the Imagine mat in the Expression machine, though.  The Imagine does not have a 12x24 mat at this time.

2)  I heard that we will be able to put the imagine cartridges on the Gypsy. Will we be able to cut Imagine images from the Cricut expression through the Gypsy? I know we wouldn't be able to do the coloring but I am asking about the images. If not will Provocraft be making regular Cricut cartridges with the same designers they are using for the Imagine cartridges. I saw they will have Cosmo Cricut designs available for instance on the Imagine. Will CC be designing a regular cartridge as well.

I will have to find out the answer to this.

3) How much is the Cricut Imagine?  MSRP is $599.  We do NOT know what HSN will be pricing the machine at or what the package will be at this time.  Tune in to HSN on Tuesday, September, 14, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. EST to find out more.

4) When you are printing your images, are you using best quality or draft?  Is there a significant difference?  For blog purposes, we have only used best quality.  But, we will be testing this and will let you know.

5) How does print quality affect printer ink life?  We do not know at this time.  Of course, we assume it would last longer.

6) If you want to cut, instead of print, a single image like that bird, you can only get the basic shape of it, not layers?  As in the example yesterday, that is true.  The bird won't layer itself.  BUT some of the other iamges break into layers.  So, it is dependent on the image itself.

7) Can you pick just one element to cut out of the Imagine carts? for instance, yesterday, could you have chosen to just cut out your bird?  Yes, you can.  You can cut out the bird like below (with all its layers and colors) OR the outside shape either filled in with color or using your own patterned paper.  

Here I am cutting just the bird shape - not the whole image shown to the left of the bird (with frame, branch, etc.):

8) Can you print, unload it to look at it, then reload it and have it cut the image you just printed without any troubles with realignment?  We haven't tried this yet.  Will have to get back to you.

9) You mentioned you can print a full size 11.5x11.5 paper- does it actually print a full 12x12 sheet of paper or does it print at 11.5?  No, it will only print at 11.5x11.5.

10) The screen on the imagine, how is it compared to the screen on the gypsy? The screen on the gypsy is pretty small in my opinion.  The screen is a little larger and in color, which makes a HUGE difference.  BUT, you will need to be able to pull up a chair to work the screen properly so a desk setting probably would be best (or the end of your dining room table if you are Joy....for now, at least!).

11) I have the Design Studio and it is not compatible at this time.... Do you know if it will be in the near future?  We do not know what the timeline is for that.

12) I'm not really tech savvy and that is what concerns me.  Is the machine hard to use?  It is surprisingly easy (and we're not just saying that!).  We are working with NO MANUAL whatsoever and in about an hour, we were making things with no trouble.  It will take you less time since we made videos on some of the things that took time figuring out (loading print cartridges and calibrating).

13) If you were just going to cut something from one of the original carts would you use your expression or do you see an advantage using the imagine? Oh and can you weld on the Imagine machine without the gypsy?
It's almost the same as using the Expression now although it does not cut as quickly (high speed on the Expression is VERY FAST).  But, the scallops on the circles are perfect!  You CANNOT weld using the machine alone.  You would need the Gypsy to do that.

14) My question is this, although your lo's looks great, some projects look "printed" with the imagine. So does the gate look like it has been "printed"?? Or any other printed images, do they look like they have been printed? First of all, the gate is individually cut out, just like the Expression does - I just filled it in with black color instead of using black paper.  For the regular images, such as the bird card from Monday, if you print out the image flat (without layers), it does look printed.  If you cut it in layers, it doesn't because you can see the layers and variances.  And, with the layers, you can texturize with the Cuttlebug, sand, ink, add pen work, etc.

15)  Do you know what the blade housing is made from? Heavy duty plastic - feels more sturdy than the Pink E.  However, I have the Pink E and it gets quite a workout and the blade housing works like a champ.

16)  How much are the new cart. going to run do you know?  New full Imagine cartridges with images and color design choices will be $89.99 MSRP and the Imagine cartridges with just color design choices will be $49.99.  There are many Imagine cartridges coming up SOON!

17)  How do you use the Gypsy with the Imagine?  There is going to be a Gypsy update next week that will make the Gypsy compatible with the Imagine.  So, for now, we are unable to show that.

18) Can you print sentiments onto the Imagine images using a Cricut font cartridge? For instance, on the card you did yesterday, could you have printed the sentiment instead of using a stamp?  Not at this time.

19) My question is can you cut vinyl and magnet material with the imagine?  There will be a special Vinyl released to be cut in the Imagine.  It has to do with the what the machine can handle (either heat or ink is the issue...).  Magnet material may be too thick to go through the machine.

20) Do you see the Imagine replacing the Expression or would I still have a use for both?  The Imagine is like the Expression PLUS way more.  BUT, it is heavy (27 pounds), large and not terribly portable.  So, cropping with it would be hard.  Also, Imagine cannot cut the bulky stuff (chipboard, magnet, etc.) so that would need to be factored in.

21) My question is are we going to be able to use glue to make our mats sticky again. Seems like that would be risky with the printer.  If not how much are the new cutting mats going to be and how long will they last?  Not sure.  Will find out for you! 

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