Monday, October 27, 2014

Easy Halloween Cricut Vinyl Pumpkins!

More fun vinyl pumpkins for you guys today.  Just wanted everyone to know that this week (Sept. 18-24, 2011), fake pumpkins are on sale for 50% off at Michaels!

When I made these decorated white pumpkins, I went ahead and layered the vinyl.  Check out the photo tutorial below.
First of all, I started with the Cricut Happy Hauntings Shape Cartridge and welded the words and also welded the shadows.  

I used orange, black and cotton colored vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.   Why "cotton" colored instead of white?  Well, in real life,the cotton matches the color of the pumpkins better, although the photos don't show that.

I cut my vinyl out using the blade at 3, pressure and speed at 3 also - this gives the vinyl a "kiss cut", which means the vinyl is cut but the backing is not.  This makes it much easier to lift off the images and letters.

On the Explore, you just set the dial to "vinyl"!

Then, I took away all the vinyl parts using the Cricut pokey tool that I would not need so I ended up with these:
From there, I used transfer tape to lift the top word and then layer it onto the bottom word (black "trick" onto orange shadowed "trick").
First, I smooth the transfer tape onto the top of the word (black "trick" above).
Then, I carefully peel the transfer tape up so that the letters stick to it.
Next, I carefully lay the black layer onto the orange layer.  I don't start smoothing that down until I am sure it's where I want it.  In the photo above, you can see that it is still loose.
Then, I smoothed it down and lifted off the transfer tape.  I ran my fingers over it also to make sure the two layers were stuck together. 

Once I got all my layers done this way, using the same piece of transfer tape to be thrifty, I applied the transfer tape again to each word, making sure to pick up the entire two layers. Then, I lifted off the whole word section and applied it to the pumpkin.
Here's the end result!

Interestingly enough, I found these easier to apply than the solid shape items I made two days ago (the orange pumpkins in the photo below- click HERE if you missed that post).  I have no idea why that is but they went on a lot easier!

I placed both sets of pumpkins onto my hay bale at the front door - easy decorating!

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  1. Awesome Wicked Awesome pumpkins You really did an faBOOlous creative job!! Thanks for sharing and your fantastic pictorial directions. YOU ROCK!!

  2. I LOVE your pumpkins! Thank you for posting the tutorial ... may have to take a shot at this! Continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Cute project! Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and imagination with us.

  4. Very interesting. Sure a lot messier than the traditional way of "decorating" pumpkins. Thanks.

  5. These look fantastic Joy. I think I'm going to use the vinyl on my pumpkins too. They just look so great.


  6. Your pumpkins look GREAT....thanks for making using vinyl look easy...I have a stash that I keep hesitating to use. Thanks so much for your tutorials!

  7. I love those pumpkins! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wonderful pumpkins & use of vinyl to decorate them with. My hubby carves the fake pumpkins. He has carved the fake ones sicne 2005. Use to do real pumpkins before that but then you have to toss those & cannot carve much ahead of time.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  9. Love the layering look! I did some vinyl on my pumpkins too - they were paper mache painted black, and then I did the Trick Or Treat on them in white. So fun!

  10. These are WONDERFUL. LOVE your hay bale set up. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,


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