Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lyrical Letters Tips and Hidden Gems

So, have you run out and gotten the Lyrical Letters Cricut cartridge yet? Michael's has them on sale this week for $39.99 and if your store doesn't have it, you can pick up a rain check for it. The great thing about this cartridge is that it has SEVEN fonts on it. SEVEN! Below, you can see the same word cut at 2" for the seven different fonts. Of course, you can see the HUGE difference in size between the different fonts. This should be factored in when planning your titles because the variation is so great. It's not clear to me why that has happened - I guess it's like the variation in font sizing in a document. Anyway, be aware of the difference!

Some other wonderful things on this cartridge are the many, many cute phrases. Since it is so hard to see what the cuts look like from the back of the box and even in the booklet, I decided to cut some of them out. Below you can see a sampling. Forgive the fact that I lost all the dots for the "i's" - I'm bad with those. The cart has so many fun and useful phrases but again, watch out for the skinnier, smaller fonts because they aren't quite so easy to cut out properly. I hope this helps you when you are working with the cartridge!

These were cut at 2-1/4":

These were cut at 2-1/2":

These were cut at 3":

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  1. thank you so much for doing this!! It is very helpful!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I always wind up cutting things 8 or 9 times with practice paper before finally committing to the 'good' paper.LOL!

    I tried to get a rain check for the Wild Card cartridge at my Michaels and they said they weren't doing rain checks for anything in that ad. I was very disappointed - I've wanted Wild Card since it first came out but Hubby wouldn't let me pay full price for it.

    Oh well...

  3. Katherine!

    Go to another Michaels! They should be writing rain checks for these! Everyone has reported getting them on the cricut board. Hopefully, you have another Michaels. OR call Michaels corporate office (1-800-MICHAELS, press 6 for customer care) and get them to email you a response. You have to have this!

  4. I have spent the afternoon on your site and have learned many things about the cricut and carts. Thanks so much for the info and I will be back to learn more. I just got the lylical letters cart at micheal's and it is going to be very handy for card making. It has so much on it, I am looking for a sugestion that will be a reminder of all the things there. I have considered cut out samples of each and putting in a binder, like you stated the images in the booklet are blurry.

  5. I have this cart and just love it! Joy, thanks for taking so much time to make these cuts and educating us!! Barb

  6. I have this cart and just love it! Joy, thanks for taking so much time to make these cuts and educating us!! Barb

  7. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing what these actually look like when cut. I just bought it!!

  8. I love the cart, but the font isn't listed yet in design studio even after doing an update. Does anyone know of a way to let Design Studio know that you have a newer cartridge or do you just have to wait for Cricut to release a design studio update?

  9. Head over to:
    and update using the "Design Studio Font Pack" - there are tons of NEW cartridges that have been added to DS.

    I hope this helps!

  10. Wow! I have Lyrical Letters and have never taken adavantage of all the fonts or the sayings. Thanks. I'm going to get it out and make better use of it!


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