Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Cricut Expression Tote Bags...

Look at this cute bag (above) and at a nice price also - $22.95 before shipping! Click HERE for details and ordering.

Then, if you prefer a rolling Cricut tote, check out these bags below at They are so cute but pricey at $84.29. However, they are custom designed for the Cricut and even have straps to hold it in place. See photos below. They have a dark pink one also on their website. Click HERE for more info.

Also, I have gotten some emails from people who have found suitable bags at Home Depot, regular luggage stores and even a tool supply company. So, there are lots of options out there. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the Cricut needs at least 21" in length. If anyone has other solutions, please leave a comment or use the "contact me" button to let me know. A photo would be great also. Thank you!


  1. Thank you SO much for the info. Next time I go to Florida, will take my Cricut in the pink one (which I've just ordered) as hand luggage - well, who needs a handbag/ purse anyway?!!!
    Angela. xxx

  2. So glad I could enable...I mean help out....ha ha!

  3. Check out the bag on this website It has room for all the paper and large mats in the buttom storage area and holds the machine and tons of other stuff in the top compartment and it rolls! I have one and I fit everything for my machine in it and it is great storage.

  4. I bought a rolling duffle in with cute polka dots at Meijers it was 79.99 and was selling for 19.99. fits the expression and all 14 my cartridges.

  5. Hi Joy:
    The link to that cute pink bag on your page doesn't work anymore. I found the new link. It is:

    And.... I have a 50% off coupon code for a cartridge tote they have! I used Coupon Code: cricutdreams it is still good.


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