Friday, October 3, 2014

[Video]You Did It Artfully Sent Swing Cricut Card - Artfully Sent Close to My Heart

This is such an awesome FAST card from the new Close to My Heart Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge.  I love the "woot woot"!

Check out the cuts below (same sizing for all machines):
Wait until you see how fast this is to make - check out the video below to see it!

Here's some more info about the new Close to My Heart Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge Bundle:
- There is a full font which is very cute
- 50 pop up cards with coordinating icons
- icons, shapes and phrases to coordinate
- 50 cards that create a scene or are swing cards (!)
- 100 quick and easy layered sentiment cards
- 100 sleeve and overlay cards (see video)
- 100 card fronts that could be used as Picture My Life (or Project Life) cards

That's 400 total cards PLUS a font! 
Plus it also comes with 3 stamp sets and a package of white cardstock.

Got to have the Cartridge Bundle? You can purchase it right here at my Close to My Heart shopping page!

Check out the video below to see how to make this card (click HERE if you can't see the video):

Check out this fabulous October Stamp of the Month and ribbon promo!
So, when you order $50+, you get a free mystery roll of ribbon (either cranberry or outdoor denim) and for just $5 more you can get this stamp set also!

At checkout, you will be prompted to add these specials! You just scroll down to add them to your cart.

Check out how the math works (nerd that I am...I love a chart!):
So, for $104 (before tax and shipping), you get $150 worth of products!! 

This is a great promo!

You can order on my shopping site HERE.

New Cricut Giveaway - Splendid Soiree
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1) Leave a comment below - Do you like the videos real time OR speeded up. I've been doing more real time and I want to make sure you all like that.
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  1. I really enjoy your videos....even more so since you started doing them in real time. Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and imagination with us.

  2. Another great card and love the fact that it can be given to a male or female! Thank you for sharing!

    I love the videos, I feel as if I get so much more out of them in real time if I am trying to follow a technique. Sometimes I feel like I am missing a step and then the video fills it in. The only time I like to see a video on a quicker pace is if it's long. Unless there is a ton of information in the video, I probably won't watch anything longer than 10 minutes. I appreciate your videos and the time it takes for you to create and edit these, so THANK YOU!

  3. Great card and one that I could use now for a special person.....just waiting for my cart to arrive...Joy, your videos are just so helpful...thanks for doing them!!!

  4. What a fun card. I like videos speeded up if they are going to be too long.

  5. I love today's card and all your tutorials. I learn so much from you. I like the videos in real time.

  6. Unless the video is unusually long, I enjoy real time. Thanks for asking.
    Martha from Norman

  7. Great card! I like the videos in real time. If it's an especially long one, I don't mind if you speed it up in some parts.


  8. Grrat videos...REAL TIME all the way!!!!

  9. Cute card! Love your videos! I like real time,unless you think it needs speeding up. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.

  10. Cute card! Thanks for sharing.

    I like to learn new techniques in real time.

  11. I like videos done real time when I sit down to watch a video it's with my Kuppa Kuppa in hand and I'm never in a rush.....I watch my first rounds of videos from 5:30 a.m. til 7:00 a.m. then 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. where I am R&R
    and my breakfast. Super cute card i love it you chose awesome papers and I love the colors. Great Job Joy!!

  12. Love your videos. I prefer real time.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. JOY, I really love your videos. They do help me get the right perspective on how to make each item for which you've made a video.
    Question: What in the world is "WOOT WOOT"? Is this an acronym or what? I guess I'm just not "with it".
    Thanks for this opportunity to win one of the great new Cricut carts!!

  14. I really enjoy your videos. I prefer real time. Thank you for all the videos on the new cricut cartridge. That cartridge is on my wish list.

  15. I prefer real time videos. I really like your videos. They make it so easy to do the cards.

  16. I prefer real time videos! I am a visual learner; so I definitely need videos!

  17. I like the real time videos as they give more realistic expectations. I appreciate the time you take to make them and share them.

  18. Enjoy your videos. I like real time videos. Thanks for taking the time to do these

  19. I prefer real time videos. the speed it up ones make me feel like i'm super slow.

  20. Joy, I always enjoy your videos no matter how you make them, but real time is the best! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Real time is the best...thank you!!!!

  22. Really I think it depends on how long it takes to make the card. If it's a lengthy card, then I'd love it sped up. But if truly is a quick card, I want to see that in real time.

  23. Looking forward to seeing Anna Griffin on the television show.

    Chris from Bryan, TX


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