Monday, January 3, 2011

Best All Around Cricut Cartridge of 2010

This is the hardest category of all.  That's why it's taken so long to get this post up.  I keep changing my mind as to which is the best.  I love each of these so much and have found such fun things on them.

Here are the contenders for the category of Best All Around Cricut Cartridge of 2010:

1) Celebrate with Flourish: I reach for this cartridge time after time.  I love the word art and the swirls. Available only at Walmart and

2) Wrap It Up Cartridge: I like to call this new and improved "Tags, Bags, Boxes and More".  It has images, word art, tags, boxes and a shaped card feature.  It is packed with goodness.

3) Birthday Bash: This sneaky cartridge looks all cutesy on the outside, but it's shaped card feature ALONE is worth the cost.  The cards below were made using this cartridge and you'd never know they came from something called "Birthday Bash".

5) Lacy Labels: A sure fire winner also! Each of these four layered labels are fantastic.  What's even better is that you can use them just as labels and leave out the word art.  Available only at Walmart and

6) Can I just group all the Martha Stewart Cake cartridges in here (Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art, Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art, Martha Stewart All Occasions) ?  Seriously, any of these cartridges that you pick up is a winner.  Just for the border function ALONE makes the cartridges worth it.  When a set of punches costs $25 retail for one design, you consider that you have at least 10 border designs on the cartridge, the choice becomes easy.  Love her fonts, word art, the whole thing!  Remember, all cake cartridges work in ANY machine - so go to it paper crafters!

Let's hear a drum roll, please.....the winner of the Best All Around Cricut Cartridge is the......

Birthday Bash!

So many cute images that are versatile for loads of events!  As you can see above, I used it to make Christmas Cards!  The shaped cards feature alone makes this a worthwhile cartridge!!

What do you think?  What would be your choice?  I would love to hear - it's been very difficult to narrow it down!

Want to see all my best Cricut cartridge picks of 2010?  Head over to Joy's Top 2010 Cricut Cartridges for links to more categories!

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  1. Awesome showing of the cartridges ... I have to get the CM cartridge .. it looks awesome!

  2. Joy, I have really enjoyed these 'best of' posts. I have several of these cartridges and a couple I would have overlooked had you not pointed out all of the cool 'must have' features!!

  3. Thanks again for putting this list together. It helps when I want to decide which cart to get next. Love the cards you've made. Wish I had half your talent.

  4. Thanks again for the info. I really want wrap it up, so your enabled me on that front
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I have to agree!! I absolutely love my Cheerful Seasons cartridge!! I just made a winter mini and used "SNOW" as one of my page titles!! Love it!!!

  6. Thanks for this series! It has been fun to see what cartridges I have - and what I want!

  7. That's one that I don't have and now you made me want to get it!!! Great cards!

    Linda a

  8. I must agree, I love my cheerful seasons cartridge. Thanks for the series on best cartridges.

  9. I own way too many carts but it was funny seeing you list only 2 that I own in this category LOL, obviously must do more shopping! For me, I would pick Celebrate with Flourish because I just love the art work and font style for the phrases on that one. Thanks for the great top carts of 2010!!!!

  10. I Just got this Cartridge Yesterday Joy! I looked through the book and WOW! The font's alone are AWESOME! And yes this is a tough one to choose from cause I have ALL the Cartridges listed and they are all wonderful for different reasons! Soooo I don't know If I can agree or not on the choice.... but it's a good choice... I've really enjoyed seeing your top choices.... Thanks for sharing your insight on the cartridges! :o)

  11. Great choice of cartridges. Thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Love the lists! Very well done! I agreed with everyone except this Best Overall. Wrap It Up was by far my favorite cart of 2010 and the one I have found most useful. Thanks again for this feature.

  13. I agree by far the Cheerful Seasons is the best. I received it for Christmas and its the best gift I could have gotten. There is more on this cartridge then you would think. Thanks for all the lists!

  14. I just couldn't possibly choose just one favorite cart for 2010.
    Provo Craft just absolutely overwhelmed us this year with so many wonderful carts. I have all of those on your list plus and just love them all. I think it all about your style and preferences. All I can say is if there is something that you want, there is a cartridge out there with that image or theme on it. One that is not on your list and it covers all the seasons that I have used alot, is Simply Charmed.

  15. Thanks for doing all this decision-making. I just love everything you create with each cartridge.

  16. I, too, love the Martha Stewart cartridges. They always seem to have a lacy touch and I love that! Thanks for the work you have done to go through all of these cartridges for us and show examples.
    Blessings, Donna

  17. It was very interesting to read your thoughts on favs for the year 2010.
    There are so many choices out there that it's hard to think of what could come next.
    I could never purchase all the carts that you mention so I will not know how great they are but it's nice seeing it from your point of view

  18. Rhonda H said....
    This "best of' countdown has been really interesting. I had completely brushed off some of the carts you commented on, so now I might just have to check them out more closely!
    Thanks for a fun ( and helpful) blog.

  19. I love all of these cartridges and have some of them and the others are on my want list. I am enjoying these bst of posts so. I will have to admit my wish list has grown this week but oh what fun.

  20. A really great series, thank you!

  21. Great cards and great cartridges. Thanks for all the great examples of these cartridges and for all your projects. You are a talented lady!!!
    syoung6987 at aol dot com

  22. It's a tie between Wrap It Up and Birthday Bash, but I wish I had them all. Thank you so much for giving us The Best of 2010. Can't wait you make next.

    Gloria H

  23. ok, I've been silently reading all your posts with the contenders and are contributing to my addiction (lol). My cricut cartridge addiction is hard enough to handle but then you go posting about how wonderful they all are, giving us samples of all the great stuff they can could you... lol, j/k...but seriously this is an addiction for me. It's so hard not to run out and buy all these wonderful cartridges. I got money for Christmas (no one ever knows what to buy me even though I tell them) and I spent every last dime on 6 new cartridges. Is there a Cricut Cartridge support group....there so should be. LOL!

  24. I'm so glad you did these Best of posts. I learned about cartridges I didn't even know existed. I even bought Birthday Bash because of it. Probably wouldn't have otherwise. Thanks for sharing!


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