Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Ten Cricut Cartridges!

Often, I am asked for Cricut cartridge recommendations.  In fact, I gave one woman I met in the Cricut aisle at Michael's so many suggestions, she left the store with hundreds of dollars in cartridges!  Yikes!  So as to spread the fun, I decided to make a list of my favorite, top ten Cricut cartridges.   I'm putting projects above the cartridge name for you to check them out.

So, let's get started.  These will be in order of MOST LOVED:

1) Cricut Storybook - This is the ultimate in cartridges.  I turn to this cartridge more than ever when making something.  Between the fabulous elegant fonts and all the swirls, flowers and frames, it's a winner hands down!

2) Cricut Just Because Cards - LOVE this card making cartridge.  It is so cute, with such great images.  Every card turns out just fabulously.  It's rad!  Need some help with this cartridge? Check out THIS POST for video tips and tricks!

3) Cricut A Child's Year - I know, how can I use all those silhouettes?  But this cartridge is much more than silhouettes - there are tons of other useful images, cards, word art and my favorite, the scalloped oval alphabet.  Can you believe this St. Patrick's Day stuff is on here?  GORGEOUS!

4) Cricut Songbird - The font on this cartridge is curvy and elegant.  But what really rocks are all the shaped background images - I use them constantly as framed images to mount word art and other cricut cuts onto.  It's a winner all around!  The background to this "Mr. and Mrs." is one of the shapes on Songbird.

5) Cricut Christmas Noel (Solutions cartridge) - this is an elegant Christmas cartridge that has been retired.  I hesitated to put it on the list but I do love it.  This "Christmas" word art is lovely on the acrylic cover of this mini-album.  Always a winner!

6) Cricut Winter Woodland - I can't believe I still love this thing after I made about a million projects from it this past holiday season, but I do.  I love the shaped tags, which you can cut as solids and layer.  Love all the winter images and the cards.  Of course, the "Joy" word art is the top cut for me!

7) Cricut Create A Critter - Absolutely adorable, whimsical animals and matching images and word art.  The layering is fantastic on this cartridge and so easy to assemble.  A winner for sure!

8) Cricut Preserves - Who knew?  I don't do any canning or even recipe books.  But the fruit images are so nicely layered and the background shaped images (circles, etc.) are great for layering on your cards.

9) Cricut Hannah Montana - WHAT!!??!!  Ok, not so into Hannah but the fonts, word art and swirly guitars are perfect for your tween girl - so cool!

10) Cricut Summer in Paris - Loving the swirls on this one. But don't cut these too small...need to be at least 4" - 5" or taller.

What are your favorite cartridges??  Leave a comment below and share your most loved cartridges!  Do keep in mind that my list is subject to change on the next Hello Thursday (May 20) when they release the new cartridges.....

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  1. Well, I only have 5 carts, but I love Lyrica Letters b/c I mainly use my bug for fonts. Graphically SPeaking gets a lot of play too.

  2. The two cartridges I'm dying to get my hands on are Sweethearts and Lyrical Letters.

  3. My favorites for this moment are just because cards,create a critter and forever young; again at this moment.

  4. There are so many cartridges on ur list that I would love to have,:) lol. I don't have many cartridges but I have found myself using my home accents cartridge & my paisley cartridge alot. Super cute images are my thing & I love the images on these cartridges:)
    Monica L.

  5. Top Ten:
    1) PDDU - so cute and my kids love them;
    2) Lyrical Letters - favorite font cart so far;
    3) Storybook - font and scrolls;
    4) OUAP - my DD loves princesses and this has some great cuts;
    5) Sports Mania - I have so many events that revolve around sports that this is great because it covers so many sports;
    6) Winter Woodland - used it a lot at Christmas but I love the font and wordart on this one and still turn to it;
    7) Hello Kitty (font and shape one) - the font is so cute and who doesn't like Hello Kitty;
    8) Gypsy Wandering and Gypsy Font - the font is great but there is such a variety of images on the Wandering one that you could just use these two on your projects and be happy;
    9) Mickey & Friends - most of the kids in my family loves Disney so this is used quite often;
    10) Old West - there are so many cute cuts on this one. We did a Bar-B-Que going away party and decorated everything with cuts from this cart and my kids love dressing up in the cowboy/girl outfits to name a few.

    My DH got me 5 new carts for Mother's Day (including some of the new ones) but is not allowing me to open them until then so this list may change after that LOL.

  6. Right now my most favorite is Create A Critter! I'm having to much fun with this one!! The next has to be Ashlyn's Alphabet. I just love the font on this cart. I have quite a few carts but these are my favs for right now. :)

  7. Wow you have me wanting a few from you list after explaining them! :) I would say some gotta have it carts would be...
    Doodlecharms- especially if you cant buy a lot that one has a little of everything
    Stamped- love tht font!
    Either one or both :) of the Paperdolls carts.
    Create A Critter- is too cute not to have!
    Storybook- is a great one
    Sweet Treats, Paisley, Walk In My Garden and Hello Kitty Greetings are all AWESOME as well!

  8. My favorite right now is Paisely, but I don't own Create a Critter yet and I really want that one!

  9. Still loving George, Plantin Schoolbook, and Sweethearts - I used them all a lot when doing CDS projects!

  10. Well I just love them all... I love reading about everyone's favorites..

  11. That was a neat one to learn...Boy do I need the new cartridges out...Oh Honey...LOL...
    I love my Tags,bags and boxes and Childs year...

  12. Well I only have about 15 carts, but I will list my favorites, and they will include a few that I really want as well!

    1.Winter Woodlands, it's such a cute cart and full of fun cuts!

    2.Base Camp, I believe I have used this cart the most, especially when I was doing the morale boards at work. It is the perfect font for an Army hospital!

    3.Hello Kitty Greetings..which surprised the heck out of me, but after seeing how many cute cuts that Robyn (the pink stamper)used, had to have it for cards!

    4.Mini Monograms, love the scallops for my sentiments!

    5.Stamped Solutions cart, I haven't had much of a chance to play with this, but I love the cuts!

    6. Stand & Salute, because now I have the perfect cart to do cuts for albums for my Army FIL (who passed in 2001), my ex Navy Hubby, and my Airman Son Ian! Plus Ian gave it to me as a present, how can it not be one of my favs!!!!

    7. Indie Art solutions cart, edgy, great for teens!

    8. George, great basic shapes, and awesome for uses in creating in DS!

    9. Opposites Attract, Fun font for LO's

    10. Wild card, love the card cuts and all the extras!

    Wow..I guess I will have to put my wish list here, as I did actually have 10 fav carts..LOL
    A Child's Year
    Nursery Rhymes
    Forever young
    From my Kitchen
    Sweet treats
    both Paper doll carts
    Just because cards
    Create a Critter
    Plantain School book
    The Snowman cart &
    Tags Bags Boxes and more..but the last two, doesn't look like I will get them..oh well, I think I can figure out most of the boxes from all the tutorials out there, and Winter Woodlands has cute snowmen too!!! LOL

    Long post, sorry, I just got carried away!

    Cricut Cartridge Hugs,
    Lisa :)

  13. Here's my top five:
    1.Wild Card
    2. A Child's Year
    3. Just Because
    4. Winter Wonderland
    5. Sentiments

    I use some items from most of my cartridges, but these the most.

    Carla from Utah

  14. I love Create a Critter, Cuttin' Up, Home Accents, Stamping Solutions, and Forever Young.

    cat.lovin.scrapper at gmail dot com

  15. Love Sports Mania, Ashlyn's Alphabet, Home Accents, and the Disney carts!

  16. My top ten:

    1. Storybook
    2. EDPD
    3. Christmas Noel
    4. A Child's Year
    5. Create a Critter
    6. Wild Card
    7. LAB
    8. Lyrical Letters
    9. Sentamentals
    10. Heritage


  17. I COMPLETELY agree with the Hannah Montana cart! I looked at it on a whim, thinking "Why would anyone EVER buy a HM cart??" and fell in love!! SO beautiful, 2 fonts with shadows -- love!

    Also love:
    Paper dolls (both)
    Create a critter
    Just Because
    Life's a Beach

  18. I find I use Everyday Paper dolls and Doodlecharms alot. For fonts I like Plantin School book and Hello Kitty Greetings. And now I am on the hunt for the Christmas Noel cart :o) Love your projects, TFS!

  19. Thank you so much for doing this! I get to pick out a new cartridge for Mother's Day from my husband and was undecided on what to pick... this gives me a place to start.

  20. I was hoping you would have a fav on a cart that I don't have yet...and you don't. I'm sad to say that you didn't inspire me to go spend more money on cartridges today! My DH will be thankful for that!

  21. Looks like you have a number of cartridges to create with. I love your wedding photo.

  22. Love your list. I would have to say my fav is Winter Woodland. After that I don't know...I think I need to get more cartridges. My problem is the other 12 would all come in second!

  23. My top 10 are: Plantin Schoolbook, Storybook, Paper Doll Dress Up, Create a Critter, Wild Card, Sentimentals, Lyrical Letters, Tags Bags Boxes & More, Gypsy Wanderings, and A Child's Year. I have close to 70 cartridgese but I usae these way more than the others.

  24. I'm sure my favorite will be Storybook when I save my pennies to get it. At the moment, I seem to use Plantin Schoolbook and Opposites Attract the most as far as font cartridges. As far as Shape cartridges, my favorite is A Child's Year.

  25. Hi Joy!
    I look forward to your updates every day and I love that you are showing your favorite cartridges. My favorite right now it Create a Critter, it is so much fun. I also love Storybook and reach for it all the time. I love Paper Pups and am very sad that they are retiring that one! If you love dogs it has the cutest little images.

  26. I love DON JUAN!! I had to clarify in the teacher's lounge when expressing to another cricut lover- "I used DON JUAN last night"

  27. I have over 40, but I haven't used all of them. My favorite is Storybook.

  28. no wonder the lady walked out spending hundreds of $$$$$ that is a fabulous list!!!! now where do I start??????

  29. I don't have too many carts, but I do love Stretch Your Imagination, Storybook, TBB&M and Doolecharms. I just received Wild Card today and I'm very anxious to try it. I think I'm going to love it.

  30. 1. create a critter
    2. preserves
    3. wild card
    4. old west
    5. george & Basic shapes
    6. gypsy wandering
    7. pooh font
    8. doodlecharms
    9. gypsy font
    10. storybook

    but truely - I love them all and now that I have my gypsy I use them all!

  31. I really like Home Decor and Sesame Street of the ones I have. Of course, I really "need" more!

  32. I agree w/ you Storybook is #1 I also love Straight from the nest & dont even get me started on how much I love Create a critter

  33. This is hard to choose but, the Life's a Beach is good and although I haven't been able to use it much, the Cold Outside snowflake cart looks amazing. They came up with some awesome creations!

  34. I love Plantin, George, Fabulous Finds, A Child's Year, Alphalicious, Pooh and Micky font for kids stuff, Tags Bags and More.

    I recently decided I really want Stamping. Storybook is on my must have list. I've got a few on your list that I want but I'll wait until I find a good price.

  35. Many of your favs are on my "current" wish list. For fonts though I keep going back to Cuttin' Up and Plantin Schoolbook. For images I love all the Joys of the Season and Noel and my Create a Critter. Can't wait for Just Because Cards to arrive!

  36. Good grief!! I was just looking over my 47 cartridges and realized I would have to list at least 25 of them!! LOL Storybook is definitely one of my favs too. I love Wild Card, Stretch Your Imagination, Joys of the Season, New Arrival, blah, blah, blah!! HaHa....I can't really choose. I'm addicted!

  37. 1. Storybook
    2. EDPD
    3. Christmas Noel
    4. A Child's Year
    5. Just Because
    6. Wild Card
    7. Gyspy Font
    8. Gyspy Shapes
    9. Stand and Salute
    10. Tags,Bags,Boxes and more

  38. My current favorite carts are A Child's Year, Mother's Day and The Sweetest Things. I can't wait to get once upon a princess and everyday paper dolls and a few others:)

  39. I only have one cart from this list.
    I received the Christmas Noel when i was given the little bug for Christmas.
    But now i have the big bug and i want the Just Because cart. It is fa sure on my wish list.

  40. #1 - Paisley
    #2 - Create a Critter
    #3 - Give a Hoot
    #4 - Once Upon a Princess
    #5 - Life's a Beach
    #6 - Story Book
    #7 - Wild Card
    #8 - Heritage
    #9 - Walk in My Garden
    #10 - A Childs Year

    These are the ones that I notice I grab for the most. My other favorites are the Disney ones, due to many trips to Disney World and Disney Land. LOL

    Your cards and LO are beautiful. Thank you so very much for sharing with us.


  41. Winter Wonderland and Create a Critter are my top two favorites!

  42. I don't have a lot of cartridges yet. My favorites that I do have are Doodle Charms and Create a Critter.

  43. My top carts:
    Plantin Schoolbook ( so full of usefull basics and awesome tags )
    Storybook a (my scrappy bff has a G so I am borrowing this one long term and use it all the time)
    Preserves( not only for fruit but it has LOADS of tags and shapes like scalloped circles and squares which I need all the time)
    Sweet hearts ... loads of stuff you need in your collection.

  44. I love the paper dolls and create a critter. But I don't have the last cart. It's on my wish list.

  45. Storybook!! If I was on a deserted island (with a power source) and I could only have one cartridge, this is it.


  46. Wow the top 10 huh?

    1. PDDU
    2. Every Day PDDU
    3. Sweet Treats
    4. Hannah Montana
    5. Sentimentals
    6. Preserves
    7. Camping Out (we do alot of this)
    8. The new wedding cart
    9. THe Mother's Day Cart
    10. It is going to be the new man's cart that is coming out.....I have a husband and 4 sons and 7 grandsons and BOY DID I NEED THIS ONE!!!!!

  47. I agree with a couple
    of your choices: Storybook, A Child's Year - these are my go to cartridges. However, I am also partial to Blackletter, Home Accents & Decor, Plantin Schoolbook and Tags, Bags & More. Oh, oh, and Walk in My Garden & Wildcard.
    MCF's Mimi

  48. I am always changing my mind on my top ten. Especially when there are so many new ones coming out I'm sure it will change 10 times more before the end of the year! LOL

  49. I turn to Indie Art a lot. I find more uses for the butterfly there.
    Love it...but it also depends on the season we are in. My top ten will be different in winter.
    thanks for sharing.
    Carol N<><

  50. Wow, to choose my faves would be hard to do..I use my Gypsy a lot, so I love the Gypsy Wandering and the font, Wild card, Home Deco, Stretch your Imagination ,ED paper Dolls(well both of the P.Dolls).DON JUAN, Tags Bags Boxes and more. I really want the Just Because cart,and several others!! {:o) Thanks for sharing your faves!! And I enjoyed reading everyones list...

  51. I'm like Grandma Nancy. I have 50 carts right now and Printing Press on it's way with reward points. No way I could list my top 10. Here are the latest I used:
    1) Cursive 101
    2) Just Because Cards
    3) Forever Young
    4) Life's A Beach
    5) Create A Critter
    6) Animal Kingdom
    7) Paper Dolls Dress Up
    8) Paper Pups

  52. The funny thing is that I have the carts you listed, except Hannah Montana, and have had little time to play with them. You have inspired me to start using them again.
    I also really like:
    Don Juan
    Sports Mania and

  53. My favorite is still A Child's Year, maybe because of the nostalgia of it.

  54. I love Don Juan for its simple, versatile font and I'm getting tons of use out of New Arrival lately!

  55. I only have 4 carts, and my favorite would have to be stretch your imagination. I need more, I know. Thank you for sharing your favorites.

  56. I have to say one of my favorites is Paper Doll Dress Up. There is so much on that cart!!!

  57. My favorite cart changes by the day!! I do plan on adding to my collection as soon as the #1 cart I want stops changing for at least a day!!! Your top 10 sounds great

  58. Nancy B....

    Well since I started working on Baby Shower Centerpieces and favors I have to say New Arrival. This is the cutiest cart.

    I also love Crate A Critter and JBC
    Accent Essentials.
    There are so many possibilites with all these carts.

  59. I love Lyrical Letters, 4 fonts on one cart!

  60. It is hard just to pick ten..there are in no particular order...

    1) Paper Doll Dress Up
    2) Everyday Paper Doll Dress Up
    3) Storybook
    4) Lyrical Letters
    5) Create a Critter
    6) A Child's Year
    7) Songbird
    8) Winter Woodland
    9) Tie the Knot
    10) Give a Hoot

    My favorites change depending what I am doing. I'm sure once there is a Halloween and a Cat cartridge my favorites will change again.

  61. Joy... you hit the target for me today by showing me your favorite carts and why. This opened my eyes to so many possibilities on a few carts that I was rather blind to.
    Thank you soooooooooo much.

  62. Thanks for sharing with us novices! it is always good to get help from PROS!! These are my daily fixes especially if I don't get to scrap every day! Thanks again.

  63. I only have four cartridges - and I use my Storybook a lot. There are so many on my list! I so enjoy what you post - it gives me an idea on what I can do, not only with the ones I do own, but in making a decision on the next ones to purchase!
    Thanks, Donna

  64. I have to admit I love my paper dolls (both of them). The accessories are awesome!

  65. I don't have Hannah yet but I do agree with you. Not big on Hannah but the cart looks like it could be used a lot for tweens. I agree with the rest of your list but also like the paperdolls.

  66. okay here are mine
    1 forever young
    2 paisley cashm
    3 storybook
    4 blackletter
    5 from my kitchen
    6 a childs year
    7 ceate a critter
    8 old west (?name)
    9 winter wonderland
    10 new arrival

  67. Gosh, this is a tough one! I don't really care for most of the newest carts, with the exception of Robotz and Forever Young, so I haven't bought any of them yet but my favorties as of today are:

    1. A Child's Year
    2. Storybook
    3. Home Accents
    4. Heritage
    5. Hannah Montana (but I love all the Disney carts)
    6. Plantin Schoolbook (I use this font for all of my word books)
    7. Christmas Noel
    8. Joys of the Season
    9. Sentimentals
    10. Potpourri Basket

    The carts I would most like to have are Picturesque, Elegant Cakes and Songbird. For the most part, I'd have to say that I like the more realisic and intricate images better than the cutesy ones. My next cartridge to buy will be one with wedding images on it (I'm doing my nephew's wedding album) but I haven't decided which one I like best. This was a fun exercise!

  68. Good list.
    Hmm. What is my top ten? Can I put cartridges that I don't have, but think I would use?

    Dreams Come True
    Happily Ever After
    Wild Card
    Paperdoll Dress UP
    Joys of the Season
    Winter Woodland
    Mickey and Friends
    Mickey Font

    marilyn2222 @

  69. Wow, this is difficult......Hmmm let me see right now I seem to keep going to Sentimentals, it has so many nice shapes for backgrounds, frames and images. Love the butterfly & owl.

    I also love A Child's Year I agree there are so many images on it.

    And good old George, I find myself turning to it over & over when I am designing something in Design Studio.

    Stretch Your Imagination if I am looking for a frame this is the first place I go.

    Wild Card & Beyond Birthday for saying with these two you have most occasions covered.

    I do have Just Because Cards but I am having a hard time with it I will have to check out Joys ideas.

  70. OK Joy..this is like another challenge for me cause I like a lot of cartridges! But...If I think really hard I would have to say...
    (1) Create a Critter
    (2) Mother's Day mini
    (3) Songbird
    (4) Paisley
    (5) New Arrival
    (6) Lyrical Letters
    (7) George & Basic Shapes
    (8) Storybook
    (9) Straight from the Nest
    (10) Just Because
    Now these will change as soon as the new ones come out...but these are in my top Cartridge Storage drawer right now..and they tend to get moved around depending on the month and mood I'm in...but as for today this is the order they are in! :) Have a great day!

  71. That is a very hard question to answer, if I did, my list would take up too much space. Sooo...., I will give you one that I have not used. It is, "Stand and salute".
    Love the cards.

  72. Now THIS is a challenge! I don't even know where to begin. Lately, I've been using Home Decor again, so I suppose that's my choice - at least for today!

  73. wow! You make me realize that I already own 30 carts! the 10 carts that I "go to " the most are:
    1. Storybook
    3.Christmas Noel
    4. Stretch Your Imagination
    6.Stand and Salute
    7.Accent Essentials
    8. Joys of the Season
    9. Wedding solutions
    10.Home Decor

    Forever Young and Winter woodland look great too but I haven't used them much since purchasing.

  74. MitchJ:
    Wow, you have so many; I only have 4 and try my best to get all the use i can out of them.

  75. Right now my favorites are:
    Create A Critter
    Hello Kitty Greetings
    Once Upon a Princess
    Sweet Treats
    DoodleCharm - Has been for a long time.

  76. I have to agree that my favorite is STorybook, but on my list are also Life's a beach, Stand and Salute, and Old West. I wish I could afford them all! ROsie

  77. Hi All,
    I like Bags,Tags,Boxes and more,Child's Year,Locker Room,New Arrvial,Wild Card,Forever Young, Plantin and George.....these are a few of my favotite things.....


  78. i think the hannah montanna is pretty cool too

  79. I only have 30 carts, but since I like cutsie over fancy I tend to go to the Paper Dolls carts and of course Create a Critter the most. I have so many carts on my wish list I'm going to have to come out of retirement and get a job!

  80. Well, I don't have them all, but of the 64 that I have, I am loving A Child's Year, Winnie the Pooh Font (the 100 acre wood type), and Just Because Cards. (

  81. I have more than ten favs, but I would have to say Wildcard, Doodlecharms, Robotz, George, Create a Critter, New Arrival, Paisley, Home Accents and Home Decor and Everyday Paperdolls.

  82. Probably my top fav is Winter Woodland (love the font). The next ones are in no particular order -
    Home Accents
    Mickey Font
    Life's A Beach
    Wild Card
    Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More
    Beyond Celebrations
    Just Because
    Mini Monograms

  83. My favorite/most used Cricut cartridge would have to be Life's A Beach!!!! I guess it is because we shoot alot of pics on the beach and on cruises!

  84. thank you for sharing the cart name as well as a project you have done from it!!
    awesome info..

  85. I change my favorite list constantly like you said when the new ones come out look out!

  86. Today, my favorite cartridges are (in no certain order): Celebrations, Stretch your Imagination, Sweet Treats, Wild Card, and EDPD. Tomorrow -- who knows..

  87. I love all 20 of my cartridges. But my most favorite at this time is Just Because Cards and Base camp.

  88. Hands down Paper dolls dressup will always be my favorite. The rest are a toss up. Love every cart I have.

  89. love reading about your favorites and everyone else's too.

  90. My favorite cartridges are Storybook, Christnas Noel, Both the PaperDolls cartridges and Stretch you Imagination.

  91. I really love Just Because cards. For a beginner such as myself, the ideas are just so cute and helpful.

  92. Id have to say Storybook, Hannah Montana, are the ones I reach for the most. Love those two. I love the card with the swirls on the car, you little enabler.....I may have to get that cart now!

  93. I do not have a favorite since I just got my expressions. I have used A Child Year quite a bit. I really want Creative Critters.

  94. I love Storybook, Summer in Paris, Home Accents,Home Decor, Sentimentals, Heritage, all Christmas carts,... Oh I love all the ones I have!

  95. I only have a couple of the new ones but would like them all as
    they get better all the time. I do
    like Wild Card, fabulous Finds,and A Childs year. Just got Heritage and Straight from the Nest but haven't used them yet. There are so many I want but until I win the lottery they will be on the wish list.:) joanie R.

  96. I only have 11 cartridges right now and of those I love Storybook, Micky Font and Doodletype.

  97. I love Doodletype as a great go-to font. I just finished a super cute book of nursery rhymes for my 3 year old using (what else?) the Nursery Rhymes cart. Really adorable, but I am kind of sick of looking at pop dots and ivory on ivory silhouettes right now. I know I will use it for lots of cards & scrapbook pages in the future, though! :)

  98. today i am loving a child's year and home decor!

  99. I keep turning to old, but goodies:
    Stretch your imagination, Graphically speaking, a child's year and Joys of the season. But I haven't met a cartridge I didn't like!

  100. I still love the Original Paper dolls, of course, CREATE A CRITTER, Forever young!

  101. I love Paisley and creat a Critter. :o)

  102. My fave carts? Well, I love AMU & Plantin for fonts. For shapes I love EDPD and PDDU, DC, Robotz (for font and robots...but wow there are too many cuts!). Starting to work w/Sweet Treats, Just Because cards and Paisley.

  103. I don't think I have a favorite. I love them all -- of course, some more than others. Thankds for sharing all your cards and layouts.

  104. Thanks for the list. I'm saving this email so that I can refer back to your list and to those of others as I begin to collect cartridges. There are just so many out there that it is very overwhelming!

  105. I love creating with Paper Doll Dress Up. I switch pieces around to create different characters for my kids, cards, & scrapbooking. I've even made Edward from Twilight with it. :)

  106. Base Camp is my favorite font. I love the clean look of it. Create-A-Critter is right now my favorite image cart. I love how it layers. George is my favorite cart to use on Design Studio to make custom images.

  107. Love your blog site! Your work is awesome. Join me on mine.


  108. I love paper doll dress up and create a critter,indie art I also use alot more then I ever thought I would.

  109. My favorites are: Storybook, Forever Young, Home Decor, Indie Art, Wild Card & Mother's Day.

    Wishlist: Forever Young, Storybook, Serenade, A Child's Year, Create A Critter, Just Because, Sentimental,
    New Arrival, Walk In My Garden,
    Accent Essentials, Heritage and all the others!!!!

  110. What a lovely wedding layout! Beautiful picture!
    Thanks for your top 10.
    love seeing what everyone else loves, too.
    my favorite is Zoobaloo, which i didn't notice anyone else mention this cart yet.
    Not only is the alphabet very cool, but those animals are just so darn cute, and you can cut them as a card, or just the darling animal for a card or larger for a sign...oh, i just could go on and on for Zoobaloo!
    I also love my Paper Doll Dress Up, such a great variety of cuts.
    Storybook is a newer purchase for me, but i really love the cuts i find there.
    thanks for the valuable post. i plan to keep checking other recommendations.

  111. I just have to say thanks for this awesome list! You have some I had not even heard of before! I have some serious shopping to do!

  112. My favorite carts vary, depending on the project that I'm doing. I do love Storybook and Wild Card - they stay at the top of the list. I recently acquired Sweethearts and Forever Young, both of which I love. It's so hard to pick favorites because each cart has one or two things that I just couldn't do without!

  113. Love all the creations you've posted here!!!

  114. Well I don't have that many cartridges yet. But, so far my favorites are: Winter Woodland, Everday Paper Dolls, Pooh and Friends, When it's cold outside and I just got from my friend Wild West and I think I am going to love that one to.
    Angel hugs

  115. Thanks for the list I will use it as a Christmas list.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood


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