Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wild Card Cartridge Envelope and Card Sizes for the Cricut

MamaC, this wonderful poster on the Cricut board posted the appropriate envelope and card sizes for each card on this cartridge. She did this by testing each envelope using a 12x12 sheet of paper and the "fit to page" button. For more info on how the "fit to page" button works, see this Pink Stamper video HERE. With any cards on any cartridges, always make the envelope FIRST using fit to page, make a note of the size it uses and then cut your card and corresponding elements at that size.

THANK YOU, MamaC for saving us the trouble of doing this! Appreciate all your hard work!

Below is her chart of sizing for the Wild Card:

WILDCARD Cricut Cartridge

Envelope and Card measurements are made using a 12x12 mat. Envelopes are cut using “Fit to Page”. The cards are numbered according to the order in the handbook. #1 card is on page 32 of the handbook, #2 is on page 33…etc.
Thanks to Robyn the Pink Stamper for developing this numbering system.
**Compliments of MamaC**

Card Description Envelope Size Card Size

#1 Scallop Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#2 Argyle Card 6 inches 6 inches
#3 Square Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#4 Stitched Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#5 Trifold Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#6 Invite Card 6 ½ inches 4 ½ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#7 Booklet Card 6 ¾ inches 5 ¼ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#8 Oval Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#9 Birthday Card 6 ¾ inches 6 ¾ inches
#10 Joy Card 5 ¾ inches 5 ¾ inches
#11 Swoop Card 4 inches 4 inches
#12 Leaf Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#13 Tied Up Card 4 inches 2 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#14 Triangle Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#15 All in One Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#16 Tweety Card 5 inches 5 inches
#17 Circle Card 4 inches 4 inches
#18 Thanks Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#19 Wave Card 7 inches 6 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#20 Pinwheel Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#21 Doily Card 5 inches 5 inches
#22 Quotes Card 7 inches 7 inches
#23 Thinking Card 6 inches 6 inches
#24 Porthold Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#25 Flower Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#26 Branch Card 7 inches 7 inches
#27 Hello Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#28 Star Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#29 Wow Card 4 ½ inches 3 ¾ inches (necessary size adjustment)
#30 Cupcake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches

Card Description Envelope Size Card Size

#31 Present Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#32 Cake Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#33 Safety Pin Card 5 inches 5 inches
#34 Bandaid Card 6 ¼ inches 6 ¼ inches
#35 Father Card 4 ½ inches 4 ½ inches
#36 Heart Card 4 ¾ inches 4 ¾ inches
#37 Pumpkin Card 3 ¾ inches 3 ¾ inches
#38 #1 Card 6 ½ inches 6 ½ inches
#39 Gift Card 7 ¼ inches 7 ¼ inches
#40 Monster Card 5 inches 5 inches

#41 Owl Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#42 Graduate Card 7 ½ inches 7 ½ inches
#43 Ornament Card 5 inches 5 inches
#44 House Card 7 ¾ inches 7 ¾ inches
#45 Carriage Card 6 inches 6 inches
#46 Hanukkah Card 5 ¼ inches 5 ¼ inches
#47 Celebrate Card 5 ½ inches 5 ½ inches
#48 Shower Card 8 inches 8 inches
#49 Gift Box One 7 inches
Gift Box Two (shift) 5 ¾ inches
#50 Envelope One 6 ¼ inches
Envelope Two (shift) 5 ¼ inches

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  1. Oh thank you thank you thank you, I just recieved this card and was having trouble with the sizes, what a wonderful thing to find

  2. Thank you. I have it printed off in IN and we are in FL for winter and needed it to make some cards and was able to google and find your chart again on Joy's site:)
    Thank you for taking the time to make it for us!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I just got the cartridge not too long ago and this chart really helps out tons! xoxoxo

  4. I need a chart like this for 6 x 12" paper and/or 8-1/2 x 11' paper. Do you know where I could find such a chart? Thank you. Sue

  5. omg I'm so new to all this and a late comer. I bought the wild card cartridge and tried to make the cupcake card. First time I ever did anything with the cricut. I cut the envelope first but didn't take note of the size LOL. I cut the card at fit to page at well and well lets just say I bombed my first attempted and after we did a rigged card by cutting the card 3 different times for the different elements I come in and find this post omg! LOL! Thanks so much cause I was ready to give up on that cartridge!

  6. The envelope sizes that you have demonstrated certainly worth to appreciate! Never had a detailed idea on this however, thanks for the elaborated information. I have till date used A6 envelopes just because was confused with the size but now I will try as per my need!

  7. This is wonderfully helpful! I bought this card and was lost trying to figure out how to make the cards and envelopes match. I ran into this on another cart too where they had just one card and one envelope and when I tried cutting both at 5" they didn't match. I tried it again and again at all different size combinations (6" envelop, 4.5" card, etc.) I called provocraft - they didn't know. Do "cheat sheets" like this exist for any of the other carts? I just got pop-up cards and I was hoping the card/envelope combos are sized to match.

  8. Thank you very much for taking time to post this!

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