Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slider Cards

I started watching scrapbooking videos on Youtube the other day and time just flew by! There are so many great scrapbooking videos out there on all kinds of subjects: using the Cricut (of course we knew about that), making little boxes, layouts, design, using the Bind It All and other tools, making cards, etc. If you want to learn something, guaranteed someone has put a video up on Youtube telling how to do it! Amazing!

Anyway, I found a bunch of videos by Dawn5377 and frankly, you could spend the whole day watching hers (she has over 200!!) and they are all interesting! She does an fantastic job with her explanations and her projects are gorgeous! I watched the one below and learned how to make the cards above using a plastic bag as the slider. In her video, she uses a regular grocery bag but I used a sandwich baggie as I found it easier to control. And I liked that it was clear. But it all works!

Also, there was a thread on the Cricut board of good crafty videos, which aided in this. Check that out HERE!



  1. That is a great idea. I can't wait to try it out today. It's snowing for the first time this year here in TN and it's so beautiful!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I have seen cards like this, but never knew how to do them. Thanks for the tips about youtube videos... I should have thought of that! Your cards are so cute. Love them :D

  3. I love this idea. Also a great way to recycle those plastic grocery bags!


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