Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cricut Design Studio Welding

Here's an easy way to weld all the letters of a word together in the Design Studio:

1) With the DS open and your cursor set on the mat where you want it, type the first word (all the letters) with no spaces between them. Then, in the kern box, type "-0.25" (without the quotes) and hit the apply button. This will overlap the letters. If they overlap too much, experiment to see what overlap you like by changing the kern number.

2) Then, highlight each letter and click weld.

Here's a tip: To highlight a letter or object in DS, click on a line segment of the letter or object. This will bring up the bounding box (the one with arrows). I spent many frustrated hours trying to get the letters to highlight.

Also, another tip: If you can't get the cursor to move on the mat, adjust your double click speed. It doesn't seem to handle super fast double clicking well. Slow it up a little bit and see if that helps.

One more thing, the DS program only allows ONE computer to cut your creations. So, if you have DS, you can load it on multiple computers, in order to create things, BUT you may only cut with one of them. I assume it is the FIRST one you load DS onto. I am really cranky about this because a day after I loaded DS onto my Windows laptop, it decided it wouldn't take a charge from the power cord anymore. Arrrgghh!


  1. You have a wonderful site! I was wondering if you have a tip for downloading an e.cut file from a 12x24 matt to a 12x6 matt. Is there a trick to converting the matt size so the whole file will cut?

  2. Sorry I took so long to answer! I've been trying to figure this out!

    I don't think you can change the mat size.. But what you could do is to take the individual cuts, if they have bounding boxes, copy them and then paste them onto a totally new file with a 6x12 mat. This would work easily with word designs but not with shapes since those often don't have big bounding boxes.

  3. is there a way to shadow a shape you've created in the ds program?

  4. I no longer have the computer I had my DS on and I called Cricut support to find out how to get it to work on my new computer and they reset stuff so it would work on the new computer.
    Thanks for sharing all of your tips!

  5. I am having trouble sizing my create a critter images all the exact, same size on DS. I have tried using the properties box but it doesn't work.I need to have the layers exactly the same size so I can then hide and contour the face to use peachy keene face stamps. Any suggestions???
    Jan from Canada

  6. you can cut with design studio on more then one computer

  7. I have never used my Design studio.. i did not know you could weld things together. COOL. i will have to try it and see what it does. I thought it was a computer link /internet program. OH NO MORE TIME NEEDED TO PLAY LOL> thanks for the information.


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