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New Cricut Maker Machine NOW available!

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You can now get the new Cricut Maker machine! WHOOP!

The biggest feature that the Cricut Maker has over all the other Cricut machines is:

-the ability to cut fabric without applying fusible webbing 

-cut and mark the sewing patterns in Design Space to speed up your sewing time!
Take a look at some of these cute sewing patterns from Simplicity and Riley Black:

What's are other differences between all the Cricut Explore Machines and the new Cricut Maker?  Take a look below:

Check out the new Cricut Maker machine in the video below:

Questions about the Cricut Maker Machine:

1) How much is the Cricut Maker and what does it come with?

The Cricut Maker machine retails for $399 and comes with:
- two blades (regular and rotary) 
- 2 mats (pink for fabric only and light blue for paper
- fine point pen
- 50 free projects (25 of them sewing) in Design Space
- sample materials
- free trial Cricut access membership to Design Space
- power cord and USB cord
- instruction manual

2) What are the big differences between the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air machines? 

- see chart above AND

- Can cut all kinds of fabric and felt without a fusible web backing

- Can cut all kinds of fabrics, not just cotton. So velveteen, satin, wool, etc. are now easy to cut with the Cricut Maker's rotary blade

- Can cut thicker materials such as balsa wood due to increased motor strength (up to 2 mm in thickness). 

- Use the knife blade to cut up to 2.4 mm thickness - it acts as an X-acto knife. Will be available in October.

- Can cut the Make It Now sewing pattern projects by Simplicity and Riley Blake shown in Design Space. No more cutting and piecing your fabric - the Cricut does it all and even uses a washable fabric pen (sold separately) to mark seam lines and piece numbers for easy assembly.

- Has a gliding rotary blade so it now cuts those fabrics and felt with no tearing or gaps.  Smooth cuts every time.

- Has two slots for tools on top and a larger storage compartment in the door for your other tools and blades

- Has a USB port on the side so you can charge your device and cut from it at the same time

- Has a shelf to place your ipad/iphone on while you are cutting

- Does not have a dial to set your material choice - that is in the Design Space program

- No cartridge slot - you will use an adaptor that will be available in December to link your cartridges

3) Are there any other blades I might need?

A knife blade will be available in October as a separate purchase. With the knife blade, you can cut acrylic among other things...up to 2.4 mm thick. It acts like an X-acto knife.

4) How do I link cartridges to the Cricut Maker?

An adaptor (shown above) will be available to purchase in December that will plug into the USB port and allow you to link your cartridges. You can even use this device to just plug into your computer and link your cartridges.

5) Can I use the rotary blade in my other Cricut Explore machines?

No, you cannot - the other machines do not have the capability or strength to apply the correct pressure to use the rotary blade.

6) What thickness of materials can I cut with the Cricut Maker?

You can cut up to the thickness of 2mm. With the knife blade, you can cut up to 2.4 mm.

7) Can I use any mat I want when I cut fabric with the rotary blade?

No, you must use the pink mat that comes with the machine (or any other pink mat you purchase). Only use the pink mat with fabric and other materials - NOT paper.

8) How much pressure/force does the Cricut Maker use?

The Cricut Maker can put out as much as 4 kg of pressure and it's variable - allowing it to cut at different pressures depending on where it is on the design. That way you won't get pulling and tearing.

9) What other accessories can I get with the Cricut Maker?

Here is a value pack of Cricut Maker Essentials below. Use my code "JOY" to get 15% and free shipping (only good on accessories and supplies and cartridges - NOT the machine itself):
It comes with:

•Bonded Fabric Point Blade Plus Housing
•Premium Fine Point Blade Plus Housing
•Deep Point Blade Plus Housing
•Variety 3-pack Mats, 12x24
•Cricut Sewing Kit
•Washable Fabric Pen
•FabricGrip Mat, 12x24 (x2)

You can get the Cricut Maker Essentials Collection HERE!

10) Does the Cricut Maker have built in wifi? Does it use the Design Space program and the app? Are the computer requirements different?

Yes, it has built in wifi and uses the free Design Space program and app! Same computer requirements for the Cricut Maker as for all the other machines.

11) I have my cartridges linked to Design Space now. Do I need to relink them to use the Cricut Maker machine?

No, you do not need to relink anything.

12) What size mats can you use?

You can use 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 mats. A 12 x 24 pink mat for fabrics will be released soon.

13) Will we be able to upload our own sewing patterns to cut?

Not at this time - you will use the ones in Design Space.

14) Can I use the "JOY" code for the machine purchase? What about if I am an Cricut access member? Will I get 10% off?

The "JOY" code will only work on accessories and supplies. Your 10% off access discount will be applied.

Want to see EVEN more about the Cricut Maker machine?  Check out this video:

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