Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cricut Explore Machines - which one to get?

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So, what is the Cricut Explore? Cricut Explore is actually a family of electronic cutting machines that make it possible for you to easily create amazing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Well, not totally DIY because Cricut’s incredible machine’s do a LOT of the heavy lifting. 

The two main machines that Cricut offers are:
  • the Cricut Explore One™ - allows you to cut. 
  • If you want to write, you need to get an adaptor that you would change out during the writing and cutting process. 
  • If you want it to be wireless and to be able to use the iPad app, you would need to get a wireless adaptor. 
  • So, if you want both those things above, get the Cricut Explore Air since those are already included.  It's better price-wise.
  • the Cricut Explore Air™ - allows you to cut and write wirelessly 
  • This includes the writing adaptor, the wireless adaptor and is the best price!
  • Works with the iPad app.
To give you loads of creative freedom and versatility, Cricut developed the Cricut Design Space™, a cloud-based software that works seamlessly with the Cricut Explore® family of machines. 

Cricut Design Space™ allows you also to use your Cricut cartridges that you have already purchased. You can also upload SVG files from other places into Design Space and use those.

Design Space gives you access to all of your images and projects from any compatible computer or iPad, so you can design just about anything, anytime, and anywhere. 

Once you’ve uploaded your design (or pre-designed image) to your Cricut Explore cutting machine, you can sit back and watch it magically bring your design to life. 

Here's some differences between the machines (note: Explore One is now available!)

You will see that the regular Cricut Explore is referenced above in the chart and it is still available. But it does require a wireless adaptor purchase IF you want to cut wirelessly OR use the iPad app. If you don't need to do those things, you can get the regular Cricut Explore. Otherwise, I would just get the Cricut Explore Air because then everything is built in.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!
Don't forget the June Mystery Box is on sale HERE and includes THREE cartridges, 2 materials and 1 machine accessory!

There are so many interesting things you can make and do with Cricut – which we’ll be sure to cover in a future post. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, it’s best to go over each of Cricut’s machines, what they do, and how they are different. And since I’ve given you quite a bit of info already, we’ll pick up on there in next week’s post!

Until then … happy crafting! 

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