Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Layer Cricut Iron On Vinyl!

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Today's T-shirt features layered iron-on vinyl!  It was incredibly easy to do.  Just follow these steps:

1) Iron shirt where vinyl will go for 15-20 seconds using highest, non-steam setting.

2) Place bottom layer of vinyl (yellow star layer in this case) onto shirt, with its plastic backing intact.  Using a iron cloth over it (I used a pillowcase), iron for 15-20 seconds.  Then, turn shirt over and iron the backside for 15-20 seconds.

3) Remove plastic backing from bottom layer.  Carefully, place top layer onto bottom layer, with its plastic backing intact.  Use parchment paper to cover bottom layer and prevent trouble.  Now iron with your iron cloth over both layers for 30 seconds on front.  Turn shirt over and iron with iron for 15-30 seconds.

4) Wait until vinyl cools and remove plastic backing and parchment paper.  Shirt is finished!

One last tip:  You cannot layer on top of the glitter vinyl -that must be the top layer!

The "Rock Star" was cut from the Cricut Rock Princess cartridge at 5".  That cartridge has some great word art that's perfect for iron on vinyl layering.  Here's a link to the handbook: Cricut Rock Princess Handbook

Here are all the cool Iron On Vinyl colors Provo Craft has come out with - they are $12.99 each.
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  1. Oh wow Joy how cool is your T!!!! You just so rock this type of project. You look smokin'!!!

  2. Great tips! I didnt even think about layering my vinyl. I like the sample pic of all the colors. When I went on the Cricut site I didnt see all of those! darn it. That's weird.

  3. Did my first webinar last night. It was so much fun and thank you so much Joy! Marsha from NY

  4. Your t-shirt looks great!

  5. Super cute!

  6. Great photo of you!!!
    Your shirt is awesome!

  7. Oh this is really cute! You look great too - love your jacket! Thanks for the tips! Need to jump into using vinyl!

  8. I have a question. Does the actual VINYL transfer to the shirt or is it just the color? If it's the VINYL, doesn't that part of the t-shirt get stiff from the vinyl being on it?

  9. Okay I must be slow, but on #3, where are you putting the parchment paper? Underneath the shirt, or between the glitter layer and then yellow layer? I love the idea, I had heard you couldn't layer iron on vinyl!

  10. Thanks! Your tutorials are greatly appreciated! :D Love the shirt!

  11. Love making personalized t-shirts!!!

  12. Thanks for this fantastic tip! This has made me more excited for the new iron-ons!

  13. Thanks for all the info. I might just try decorating a T-shirt now that you've given the great tips!! It's nice to see you modeling your T-Shirt!!

  14. Love the t-shirt! Your tips make it sound easy!

    Sandy in the Pines

  15. Amazing Giveaway -- To be able to have 2 of is beyond anything I have ever seen... My gosh.

  16. Joy, once the vinyl has been added to clothing, is it washable? ~ Marilyn

  17. Actually I have a very hard time with masculine cards. Would love to win the tapes though,


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