Friday, August 10, 2012

More craft room organization

OK, so this is not terribly organized but it works for me.  I have so many different kinds of tape and adhesive I like to have right at my finger tips that I decided to get a big bin and fill it with the red line tape, pop dots, glue dots of various sizes, regular tape, painter's tape, duct tape, etc.  Then, it also seemed like a good idea to have a box for my smaller tools like my crop-o-dile, hammer, hole punching set from Making Memories (anyone remember those), some large acrylic stamping blocks, etc.

The labels are from the digital Cricut Labels cartridge which you can see HERE.

How do you label and store your bulky tools?

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  1. Those are pretty bins, and I thought I should take the time to say so!

  2. What a fun idea...after all I can't imagine you would have anything that is boring and this actually brings some Happy...Happy...Joy...Joy.... just by entering your room!! You have a fun crafting room, That is also extremely FUNctional

  3. I'm fortune to have one of the old-fashioned huge office desks with six roomy drawers, pull-out 'steno' shelves, and the metal bridge which enables me to have lots of storage all within easy reach. Unfortunately, I also have to have most of my 'stuff' out where I can see it in order to remember I even have it (LOL!!)so my actual workspace is very small - about the size of a desk calendar. Thanks for all the great ideas over the years.

  4. I don't have as much as you do so my bulky tools go in a deep drawer. Those 4 drawer storage things you get at Walmart. I have a 6 drawer one from ?? that is storing all my wood stamps. cd holder for my clear stamps. 2 (15 cubby) shoe holders which my husband put above my work area for the staplers, and odd things. My work are is a 6 ft piece of formica from Home Depot. I have a small area so this works for me.

  5. Ah, organization in a craft room is such an ongoing job. It is like laundry- you can never REALLY be done!

  6. Rose said...
    I have a peg board on one wall top to bottom on the left side of my desk it can hold a lot(Ribbon,tapes,glues & tools)! I have a very old oak dresser that has 4 deep drawers(My Scrapebook thing,Papers,Stamps,Inks,glitter & punches.For my paints & pens I have a 6 drawers storage unit under the right side of my desk!I have not label anything!TFS you have a AWESOME craft room!

  7. I'm on an organization kick right now! I'm following the free seminars from The ScrapRack to permanently organize my entire scrapbook stash. On my blog I have 2 ideas for storing ribbon and embossing folders as well. Check it out!


  8. I am fortunate to have a 9x9 room that a good friend of ours had some counter tops (from work) that they cut down & pretty much go around 3 walls. They sit on 3 cabinet bases, which have drawers and large areas (that are full of course). I also have one of those large baker's racks, from Costco, that I have flat & upright storage for my papers & stickers (which I have used the ScrapRack lady's organization tips to organize it all). Also store my albums and some other items on it. I love my room & very blessed to have a great working space. Wish I had more time to spend in it.


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