Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Export Files to the Gypsy in Cricut Craft Room

Below is a video showing how to export a file you made in the Cricut Craft Room onto your computer and Gypsy.

Why would you want to do this?

1) To save your file off line.
2) To be able to use your file on your Gypsy for on-the-go cutting at a crop.  The Cricut Craft Room requires an internet connection and sometimes crop areas do not have that.  This way, you could do your designing at home, on the nice big computer screen, and then save it onto your Gypsy for when you went to a crop.

See the video below (click HERE if you can't see it):

What other videos are you guys wanting?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Joy thank you soo much for doing this! I wanted to do this because my imagine refuses to work with the craftroom. I have yet another question tho, when I downloaded my project it came up in my gypsy as a cricut file not an Imagine file like I wanted, any suggestions. Haven't tried to cut and print it, I assume it will not print since it came in as a cricut file. If only my Imagine would work with the craftroom, thanks again!!

  2. Thank you for another great video! I look forward to seeing your projects from the new carts.
    Thank you again!

  3. THank you. I've wanted to do this after I received a cretificate to get a free Cricut Craft Room dig cartridge with my last purchase of cartridges. I'll give it a try.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. Awesome!!! Thanks so much! I am so using this today! I wanted to figure it out, just hadn't gotten around to it!!! Thanks again!

  5. Awesome Joy!! Thank you so much! I love working in the craft room because I can see so much better what I am doing, and now to be "able to take it with me" so to speak is wonderful!!! Thank you sooooo much! Keep the lessons coming!! Love them and appreciate them sooo much! Am going to try this one today after I get the snow shovelled!

  6. Thanks for all the videos. Can't wait to have time to play!

  7. Your video was so helpful to me. I don't have very good internet connection in my basement where my craft room is. So I have had a hard time using CCR. Thank you so much for these great CCR videos.

  8. Hi Joy,

    I would like to know how the images you can purchase for the Craft Room work. Is there any way to download these images for use offline?
    Thank you for all you do and the wonderful videos. They are so helpful. I have learned a lot from your videos.

  9. great tutorials , it is very helpful to discover new stuff for me. I love it :)

  10. Thanks for all the tutorials they are very helpful. The unfortunate part for me is I can never get anyone with the Cricut help line to answer my calls. They always seem to be assisting other customers. After waiting for 10 minutes I give up. I still am unable to get mine to cut.

  11. Thank you, Joy!

    I love the big screen of the CCR, but the Gypsy makes it so much easier to cut!

  12. That is a video I'm going to save just in case I do the ccr. Great job like always, thanks for all you do and share, God bless you and yours.

  13. Love your videos! Is it possible to crop out part of your image to be cut. For example, I was cutting candles out using A Child's Year. It doesn't come with the option of cutting just a flame for the candle. Is there a way to crop out just the flame? I would love to see a video on this "challenge".


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