Friday, November 11, 2011

Cricut Craftroom has Launched!

The Cricut Craft Room has officially launched and is available for FREE!

What is the Cricut Craft Room?

It is a design tool that lets you design with images from the Cricut cartridges (including Imagine ones) and images on the Craft Room itself.  Currently, there is a free font and shape set of images, called Cricut Craft Room Basics and that's available for everyone. You will still need to own the cartridges to cut out your design, though.  There is a linking feature so you can cut more easily.  You need an internet connection to use the Craft Room.  But there is an application that downloads to your computer and once that happens, you will always want to launch using your application on your computer, rather than the website.

Features of the Cricut Craft Room:

  • Free to Use
  • Access online from anywhere, any time
  • Easy to Use Program
  • Design on a Big Screen 
  • View and Design with all Cricut Cartridges
  • Search easily to find the right images
  • Digitally stores all your cartridges and projects
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Explore exclusive online content
  • Cuts with any Cricut Machine

For more details, head over to the Cricut Craft Room website HERE!  There are videos, frequently asked questions, info on how to install the Craft Room, etc.

Now for some questions I have gotten:

Can I link my cartridges to the Craft Room if I already linked them to the Gypsy?
NOTE: This has changed.  YES!

Can I create a design in the Craft Room and then transfer it to the Gypsy?
Yes, you can! Save it in the Craft Room.  Then click "Open" while in the Craft Room.  Find the file you want to save in the Gypsy format.  Highlight it.  Then, click "Export".  A box will come up that lets you choose a format ("Gypsy" or "Cricut Project").  Choose "Gypsy" and then a box comes up saying "Your project is being exported".  Then a final box comes up that says "Finished exporting.  Click save to save your file."  Then, a box comes up asking where to file it.  You are done.  When you use your Gypsy, you can then import this file into it.  Similarly, you can import a Gypsy file also.

Do I have to link my cartridges?
No.  You can use the Craft Room without linking.  Just put in your cartridges as needed.

How do I use cartridges to cut?
You can either link them in OR have the actual cartridge on hand to insert in the machine as prompted (if more than one).

Can I weld in the Cricut Craft Room?
Yes, you can weld!

Stay tuned for more news on the Cricut Craft Room!

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  1. I'm overjoyed that Cricut has provided the craft room for free! I don't own a Gypsy so this will be perfect for me. I can't wait to get started using it!

  2. Since I have a gyspy which I use all the time, is there still a benefit to using the craft room over the gypsy?

  3. This is great! Thanks for the info.

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  4. I cant wait to get started. The box is cute but love the patterns.

  5. More fun instore! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!

  6. I am loving the CCR! It's fabulous to be able to weld and mix things up.

  7. Your content is really helpful and easy to understand and I’m grateful for your ideas. Investigate your most wated brands discount code here

  8. I am very excited to see the launch of the Craft Room and I am even more excited that it is free. I have been wavering over getting design studio for sometime and just never did it. Now I don't have too!

  9. Cricut Craft Room sounds really neat. Will definitey check it out.

  10. I'm still concerned about how CCR will interact with the Imagine. Last time I tried to cut with my machine, it would not work after that so had to replace it.

  11. I love having all the machines in ONE place BUT the big screen I am not seeing that without hiding all the mat and items!! what am I missing?? excited! Doris

  12. So Excited about the Cricut Craft Room. I don't own a Gypsy, so this is AWESOME!!! Can't wait to try it out. :0)

  13. You said there was one cartridge that was free to cut and use from Craft room. What is the name of it?

  14. I have tried to cut from the Craft Room but it is not working. The screen pops up that my firmware has failed - expression machine. Any ideas what I can do to resolve the problem? I love the craftroom, much easier on the eyes than the gypsy.

  15. Oops! meant to leave my email address. on the previous post regarding cutting problems.

  16. Thanks for the Craft Room Info.!! I'll have to check it out!!

  17. Very important question
    Can I use cartridges on my expression along with the CCR and still let me friends barrow the same cartridge and can she also use it on CCR at her home?????
    My friends and I share cartridges so I really need to know? Thanks

  18. The Craft Room is great, but my new "go-to" cartridge, Art Philosphy, won't work with it and Wi-Fi to use Craft Room isn't enabled - that's why I bought the E2 in the first place. I even called to ask if the WiFi would be enabled before I bought my machine, but guess I didn't ask the right question. All you can do is update. :(

  19. I saw that, but it wont let me log-in and I want to try it out!!

  20. I've been waiting for this! Colour me happy. Can't wait to download it.

  21. Was excited about the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) be available to everyone but am once again extremely disappointed in Provo Craft for not allowing you to link your cartridges to both the CCR and Gypsy. What were they thinking? No one would want to use both and have all the cartridges linked to both so we don't have to switch them out. Still waiting for them to allow us to have the four pre-loaded cartridges on the E2 to sync to our Gypsys so we can weld, hide cuts, and all the other fun ways we use images on the Gypsy before cutting. They really need to think these things through before releasing them. Won't be using the CCR program until they fix this because I don't want to dig out all my cartridges to cut.

  22. I can't figure out how to connect my cricut to the computer, an NOTHING out there provides that information. What cord am I supposed to used, and where can I get it? Someone (who is not a cricut specialist) suggested that I use the cord that came with my printer. The cord fit, but the firmware update failed, just as an earlier comment mentioned. I also have the expression.

    1. if you go to the cricut support site you will be able to email them with the information which machine you have and they will mail you the correct cord for your machine. That is what I did , because I did not know which one would hook up to my particular machine. They were very helpful, I ordered it ($9.95) and got it in about 2 days. Good luck :)

  23. I am loving the craftroom. I have the baby bug, and didn't want to purchase a gypsy. I love what I can do with this. I use the cord that came with my printer. lol my cricut sits right on top of my printer so when ever I need to print something I just unplug it from my cricut. Everything downloaded just fine. I have had access for a month now and love it.


  25. I am lovin the price on the cricut mini, it's definitely something for me to think about!

  26. Craftroom downloads

    Hi, I am thinking about downloading the Greek Alphabets that can be purchased at in the craft room download section so that I can do some glass etchings as presents. Have you used the download feature and do you think it would be good for glass etching?

  27. I just received a cricut expression 2 for christmas. How do I link the preloaded cartridges into my craft room so it too can be listed unber my cartridges? Thank you.

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