Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Winner and Update on Vinyl Glasses

Remember these decorated plastic glasses I made back in April?  Well, I had a lot of questions at the time about how well the vinyl would hold up since I hadn't used outdoor rated vinyl.

So, six months later, what's the result?

Well, I am here to tell you that on two of the glasses, it has held up perfectly - they look exactly like the photos above!  And that includes washing them in the dishwasher on the top rack (cause I wanted to test them out for you guys, not because I don't like handwashing things...definitely not because of that...LOL!).

So, what about the one glass where vinyl started peeling up?  It was because the vinyl I put down had a little gap - I didn't get it to lay flat.  And that's the problem.  You must get the vinyl to lay flat with no puckering and gaping.  I had smushed it and it had a bump and that was enough for water to get in there and start wreaking havoc.  So, you have to get it perfect.

Wondering where to get vinyl?  I get mine from Expressions Vinyl (click HERE to order).  Plastic Cups were from Walmart, in the kitchen accessories aisle (around $4.50 each).  I like the solid color area on these glasses - it provides a grip that's nice.

For more details on this vinyl glass project, including a video, click HERE!

And now, onto the Gingerbread Cartridge winner - Crazy4Christ!

Crazy4Christ, please send me your info and what you won to  You have two weeks to claim your prize!

Wondering what happened to Christmas Card Monday this week?  Well, let's just say my card didn't come together like I had hoped it would...So, we'll be having a Christmas card on check back!

Finally, don't forget that the Creative Memories Cricut Expression 2 machine is still available!  These have a limited run, so you don't want to miss the chance to get one!
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Want to see more of my projects?
Click HERE to see my gallery!
Click HERE to go to my Creative Memories Website!
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  1. Woo hoo!! Way to go, Kristan!! I'm so excited for you!!
    Thanks, Joy, for the information you have provided as well.

  2. Congrats to the winner! And thanks for the info Joy! That's good to know.... I'm also looking forward to tomorrows project! YEA!!!! :o)


  3. Thanks you for the information, Joy. I look forward to Christmas coming tomorrow! Congrats, C4C!

  4. I think these cups would be a great birthday gift for my MOPS moms!

  5. Congrats to the winner! Thanks for the info. I have found that even the wall pops stick very well. I have several family members as guinea pigs for projects. I made car window decals with wall pops and 2-3 years later the decals are still stuck even in the NJ weather.You have to be sure the surface is very clean and dry.

  6. Those are soo cute, and thank you for the information on them :

  7. Congratulations to the winner! I hope you enjoy your new cartridge. Thanks for the update on the glasses, I have always wondered how the vinyl would hold up. :) Looks like I will be taking a trip to WalMart!

  8. Congrats to the winner! the cups look great!

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  9. Congrats to Crazy4Christ on winning the gingerbread cart. I love the vinyl glasses. You could make these for any holiday gift with some modifications. These ones look very summery to me, super cute!

  10. TFS the update on the glasses and congrats to the winner. Have a happy and crafty day.

  11. Thank you for sharing ...great info.

  12. Congratulations to the winner of the Gingerbread Cartridge. Thank you Joy for the update on your cool Tumblers!

  13. It's so good to know how the vinyl held up. Thanks for testing and sharing the results

  14. Hilarious that you said "just one bump, and it was enough for the water to get through!!!" I've heard that same lingo during plumbing problems in the past...Water can be an evil, evil thing when in places where it doesn't belong!!!

  15. Congratulations to the Winner! I have got to get me some Vinyl. Thanks for Sharing! :0)

  16. Thanks for the information. I am addicted to vinyl.

  17. What I would like to learn about the Cricut is how to use the Design Studio software with it.

  18. Thanks, I need to cut more vinyl as there are a lot of neat projects and I have plans for them but time never seems to permit. Still don't know how you manage to get so many wonderful things made. Keep it up!

  19. congrates to the winner, have fun. thanks for all the info you send out. thanks for all you so and share.


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