Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here's what was in the box....

So we all drove like mad to meet up and open the Gypsy box together! Here are some photos of our time together!

Opening the Box:

What's Inside:

Gypsy Wanderings (comes pre-loaded on the Gypsy, not available in cartridge form):

Gypsy Font (comes pre-loaded on the Gypsy, not available in cartridge form):

Everything that comes in the box!

Three Happy Campers!

Head over HERE to see our live stream video where we answer questions and show more about the Gypsies! We will be making more formalized videos in the next few days!

BREAKING NEWS: Cricut with the Christmas is giving away TWO Gypsies. Stay tuned for more info! Also, the new blog, Cutting Above is giving away TWO Gypsies!

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  1. How awesome is THAT
    I am sure you have gotten nothing done but playing with your new toy today
    Am I right??

  2. Y'all look as if you won the Texas Lotto!! :-D
    Can't wait for your reviews!!

  3. You were so funny on the upstream video. Thanks for all your hard work and it was so fun to see all of you excited about this little machine!

  4. LOVE IT! Thanks for the insight on the gypsy from members of the boards!

  5. How fun!! Where did you get them?

  6. Congrats! I would be so excited to get one of these!! There is no way I'd ever be able to afford one but a girl can wish, right? ;)

    I'm very happy for the three of you!

  7. Oh how exciting!!! I can not wait until the 24th!!! I want one of these so bad I can taste it. LOL! And thanks for intro video. I don't know how you did it...I would have wanted to play all day after receiving it but you gals really are great to go online (LIVE even) and share with us this wonderful product. Thanks for making us feel special and letting us be a part of your excitement!

  8. You three crack me up. I have just sat and watched you for 2 hours (I'm meant to be cleaning the house!!)
    I don't have DS. Should I get on DS or a gypsy?

  9. Where's my package??? Maybe next time!! :-) Have fun playing with your new toys!

  10. Does the gypsy come with the little spiral book for cartridges that are loaded on the machine? Loved you guys yesterday, I wish I lived there. Sandy sczcec@yahoo.com

  11. You stinkers - I'm so jealous!!!! LOL - Just kidding.....love the video and love all the new things you are sharing with us.....Hugs!


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