Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cricut Cartridge Hannah Montana's In the House!!

Can you believe it? I went to the Great American Scrapbook Convention today and made a beeline to the Cricut Dan booth. Immediately, I saw they had the new Hannah Montana cart, which Cricut Dan informed me had just been released TODAY! Woo Hoo! I had to whip this layout together when I got home so you could see the fabulousness that is this cart. More about that in a minute....

Cricut Dan also had the new Jukebox machines with a 4' cord! While in the booth, I ran into Sue from Grapevine, from the 2peas board, who I mostly recently had seen as a contestant on Jeopardy! - she is so pretty and fun (and did I mention, super smart?). Then, I see a woman with a Cricut button and I accost her to ask where she got the button and it turns out that it's CinnamonSpice (Cheryl) from the Cricut board! She is such a cutie and sweetie! We had a great time and she invited me to meet up at 11 to grab some lunch. I had ridden with three other wonderful friends (Planosuep, my usual partner in craziness at these events, and two other great friends who aren't as fanatical as me (read: much more normal....)) and caravaned with LynnV, who is just fantastic, and we were going to see her at lunch also! She is just so genuinely nice and pretty!

So, I head over to meet her and lo and behold, there's Ameribritgal, also from the Cricut board, as well as WendyLamance, who had the cutest little girl! We had the most fun! It was like we had known each other forever! I love this hobby - people are so friendly and fun - we just laughed and laughed. I got to spend the rest of the afternoon with Ameribritgal, where we made the mistake of stopping to listen to this guy give a demo of chalk and embossing products and the next thing you know, we were out over $100....anyway, I digress. We had such a fun time! She is really fun and sweet and so darn cute!

Here we are, after a long day of shopping!

Back to Hannah Montana cart: This cart has only one die cut of a girl and frankly, it doesn't even have to be Hannah. For all you music lovers, looking for musical notes, treble clefs, the staff, etc., it's all on this cart. Want some teen up to date stuff? Look no further! There is word art that says: Hannah Montana, Rock, Girls, Girl, daddy's Girl, Rock Sensation, Pop Star, Glitter and Shine, My Music My Way (as in the above layout), Ready 2 Rock, AND shadowing for all of these. Shape images on the cart are two tiaras, Hannah outlines, gorgeous Rose flower, diamond that looks like a diamond in a ring, spirograph flower, lipstick kiss mark, microphone, winged horse, stars, stars on the musical staff, shooting star, flourished heart, diamond like heart, heart with thick outline, hearts on musical staff, charm heart, treble clef, more musical notes, flourished frame and shadow, tall crown like frame, super star frame, staff frame, guitar frame (as in layout), flourish butterfly - side view (and it's gorgeous!!!), two front view butterflies, butterfly on the musical staff, butterfly with guitar, various flourish guitars with shadows (one of them in layout), and soaring birds.

And that's all BESIDES the different fonts!!!

See below for the cool screen shots:


  1. Thank you so much for posting these pics. Now I'm certain I want this cart. So many cool features!! Thank you!

  2. WOW, I didn't even THINK I wanted this cart, but now I do!!! Would love to see even more pages, if you have a chance:-)

  3. I only have boys, and thought there is no way I'd ever want this cart. Well since my boys are into music I can see I am going to need this one too. Thanks for posting pics.

  4. You have just sealed it for me this cart is a MUST HAVE! (and I can't even stand Hannah Montana!!)

  5. Another one of those that doesn't sound very exciting until you see it and what all the extras are. I showed my 11yo daughter. She doesn't like Hannah Montana much but she loves this cartridge. I could see it for making birthday cards for her friends too.

  6. I so agree. I didn't want this cart at first but now seeing your layout and the book. WOW! I do want it so many beautiful features!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and I'd love to see more what you do with this cart.

  7. I didn't think I would like this cartridge but my 5 year old begged me for it. she loves Hannah Montanna so I bought it and I love it. I was in band in high school and I can use this to scrapbook those old photos!


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