Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big Card

Outside of card above

Inside of card above

I woke up this morning and suddenly remembered it was my parent's anniversary and I had not prepared anything. Nothing. Nada. YIKES! This is a pretty big deal because it is my parents' 51st wedding anniversary! 51 years!!! WOW!!! And they live one street away so we would definitely be seeing them.

I immediately thought of some things I could do: run to Sam's and get flowers, a nice cake and ice cream. I love cake and ice cream! (I got chocolate cake and vanilla ice tasty good!). Then, I started thinking about a card for them.

Now, a little background: Yesterday, I was at a super fun ALL DAY crop, benefitting the Policeman Association and during that crop, I made quite a few cards. Loads, actually. But, did I remember about this anniversary? No, of course not. So I have birthday cards, thank you cards, "hello" cards all made and not an anniversary card in sight. RATS!

So, I came up with the idea of making "The Big Card' since this is a pretty big deal. I decided to take a poster board (20"x30") and fold it in half, to make a 20"x15" card. Of course, I didn't have poster board at home so I was practically forced to go to Joann's.... Anyway, while there, I found poster board that had a gold sheen on the outside and silver sheen on the inside. It is gorgeous. I thought, "Woo Hoo! This is perfect!". While at Joann's, I couldn't help but notice that paper was 6 sheets for 96 cents and they are now carrying the Coredinations paper line by the sheet. So, had to pick up some of that...But I digress...

Anyway, back home I went and started working on the card -OK, maybe I had lunch and a nap first but one must rest up for The Big Card challenge, right? Using the Cricut wedding solutions cartridge and Lyrical Letters for the "Happy Anniversary" part, I made the card above. Gold on the outside, silver is on the inside. That "Happy Anniversary" wants to rip into a million billion pieces so getting it off the mat, through the Xyron (where of course the "y's" had to fold in on themselves), back off the Xyron and onto paper took about 15 minutes and some swearing. But, miraculously, I didn't rip it and I managed to stick it down. Then, I discovered that in a rare fit of cleaning off the mat, I had thrown away the "i"....ARRGH! So, I hunted and managed to find it. Oh, the joys of crafting! I didn't make the card super fancy as I am on a time crunch but it's fun and my kids will have fun signing it!

So, next time you have a BIG EVENT, consider making the BIG CARD. Keep in mind that if you want the gold/silver combo, they don't have it at Michaels, only Joann's.


  1. Joy!!

    I LOVE your BIG card! What a great idea! I have used poster board in my cricut for signs and stuff, but never thought to make a gigantic card with one! Definitely gonna scraplift this idea!

    Thanks again for coming to the ATO crop on Saturday! It was such a success and everyone had fun (especially the police officer's wife who won both the Pandora bracelet AND the Cricut Expression!). Can't wait til the birthday weekend coming up! Gonna be a BLAST!


  2. Your BIG card is gorgeous! What a wonderful idea! How big did you cut your elements on the card? I might need to do this for my 3 year old's birthday! Thanks for sharing a WONDERFUL idea!


  3. Way cool! Happy A Day to your Folks!

  4. Thats an awesomely big card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. The card is perfect for such an event. Better yet, I loved the story of you creating it! What a hoot!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a hoot! I had to laugh because I'd spent the better part of the afternoon making two normal-sized anniversary cards for two of my kids who have summer anniversaries. I used that darned Lyrical Letters "Happy...", and it was a bear. I lost my i's - both of them... and had blessed the whole schlemeel several times before I got them done. They turned out beautifully - mostly because I blinged them out! At any rate, your blog recount of "The Big Card" was fun reading. Thank you for all your inspiration and laughs.


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