Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Cupcake Card

Being an original fan of Hello Kitty, back in the day where you had to go the department store (Burdines, anyone?) to find HK, I had to get the Hello Kitty greetings cartridge! It is just too darn cute! There is a card feature for each icon in the book and there are many that don't even feature HK, if that's not your thing.

Recently, I had to make a birthday card for a child and so I chose the cupcake card to make. Oh, boy. That took some trial and error, let me tell you!

Here's what I finally ended up doing:

1) Cut the card itself in white cardstock at 5 3/4". This card size just fits into an A2 envelope.
2) Cut a blackout of the cupcake in black cardstock at 5 3/4" using the blackout layer key.

All good, so far, right? Then came the different layers.

3) Cut the white frosting layer at 6 1/4". WHAT? Why did I change the setting? Because the setting (5 3/4") that goes with the card left WAY too much black space showing and I wanted lots of frosty goodness showing!
4) Cut the bottom cupcake liner out at 6 1/4".
5) Cut the chocolate frosting layer at 6 1/2" HUH? Another different sizing?? Well, I thought this looked better - even more frosting.
6) Cut the cherry at (WAIT FOR IT...........................) 6 3/4" - yes, that's right, a FULL INCH larger than the original setting.

As you can see below, those layers worked out pretty well. OK, the chocolate layer is a little bit too big but hey, it's chocolate! The more the better, right??

7) Run frosting layers through the Cuddlebug or Big Shot with the Cuddlebug Swirl embossing folder. A quick word about that swirl embossing's amazing. If you are going to get any embossing folders, I highly recommend this one. Although, they are all fantastic and fairly cheap ($2-$5 depending on the sale price).

Here is the card below without any stickles BUT with red glitter paper used for the cherry.

Here is the card below with white cheapo, fake Stickles I picked up at Walmart. Uh, oh! Who knew there were such vibrant green flakes in it? I didn't realize I couldn't use that on the brown without it looking BAD. I had to do it over so I pried up the brown layer and cut and embossed it again.

Here is the final card....used Cinammon Stickles on the brown...MUCH BETTER!


  1. I love it!! When I did mine with the Silhouette, it did not come out right, the cupcake parts were too small and showed what was underneat. Very cute. I LOVE this cart!!! Your fake stickles look great!! Barb

  2. This is one of my favorite cartridges. Not so much for the HK function (though she is precious!) but i love that the other designs are so girly and can be used to make cards!! (I didn't know that when I bought it) this one stays in my jukebox at all times! ADORABLE CARD!! Love the Cinamon stickles!!


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