Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stickles Storage

Have you gotten into the Stickles craze yet? For those who don't know, Stickles is a brand of glitter glue with a narrow tip design that makes it very easy to write with the glue, control the glue and get the glue where you want it. For 101 things you can do with Stickles, check out my previous post HERE!

Once you get into Stickles, it's very easy to suddenly have a TON of different colors since they are so cute and inexpensive. Now, how to store them?

Researching on the web led me to these storage solutions:

1) Fastest, cheapest and easiest by far:

Mariposa on the site posted this solution of using an 8.5x11 clear plastic insert stand she got at Staples and adhering strips of velcro to it to hold the stickles. Each bottle gets its own spot and bit of velcro. Best thing about this is it is very easy to make, takes up little room, allows for expansion and is low cost.

2) Glitter Stairs:

You can find Glitter Stairs HERE where they are on pre-order and expect to ship in 1-2 weeks. They offer three different sizes to hold your Stickles: small (holds 6 stickles, costs $9.99 and is 6 3/4" H x 4 1/2" W x 4 1/2" Deep), medium (in picture, holds 18 stickles, costs $24.99 and is 9" H x 8 1/4" W x 6 1/4" ) and large (also in picture, holds 36 Stickles, costs $34.99 and is 9" H x 16 1/4" W x 6 1/2" ). This design has the tip of the bottle inserted into the stand itself, keeping the glue primed and ready to use. This is a beautiful, eye-pleasing design.

3) Stan's Wood Stickles Holder:

These are beautifully handcrafted wood holders that can be mounted on the wall. This holds 28 bottles, is 12"w x11"h x3.5 "d and costs $35.00 + S&H. Also on this site are other gorgeous hand crafted wood items for scrappers including a real wood wall mounted case similar to the Making Memories Embellishment Center. Check out Stan's gorgeous items HERE! - be sure and scroll down to see everything!

4) Little Lunchbox Carrier

MrsD on the Cricut board posted her decorated lunchbox that she uses for stickles storage. The great thing here is that it is very portable and inexpensive. You can find these type of lunchboxes that are alterable at Michaels. I love her cute lunchbox!

5) What about Stickle storage on the wall?

Brensdesigns from the Cricut message board just put up rows of velcro on the wall and stores her stickles that way. Quick, easy, out of the way and inexpensive!

6) Remember those snapware ribbon holders that are being used for Cricut Cartridge storage? Those can also be used in a similar way for stickles storage. Another quick, easy, fast and inexpensive way to store the stickles! Best thing is that it is super portable! You can order that HERE for $7.99 - I love the purple color! Also, these can be found at Target.

7) Finally, there's always the Ziploc solution - Toss in Ziploc bag and throw in drawer or use it on-the-go. Ha ha!

One more thing, apparently there is some discussion as to whether the Stickles should be stored upright or with the nozzle pointing down. Tim Holtz, who has a line of distressed stickles, commented that you can store them either way. One caveat to storing them upside down is that when you open it, the Stickles glue is likely to burst out.


  1. I use the velcro methode... I used a piece of plain wood board, and glued some velcro strips on it, and small self stick velcro on the bottles, and that works great!! and a space saver also. I've got a big "plate" for my regular stickles, a smaller one for my distress stickles and the same smaller one for my dimentional paints from ranger too. :)

    Luv, Karin

  2. For an awesome solution, try Daphne Schreiber's ScrapCessories system of storing, Stickles, Cricut Cartridges, unmounted stamps, and more. She rocks! The Mom from Charleston Scrapbooking in SC.

  3. great idea for the stickles!!!


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