Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally found a bag to hold the Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is a large machine and finding a bag for it has been a recent goal of mine, especially since I stated taking Cricut classes (see this post) and want to bring my Cricut. So, I searched around on the internet and found a few options.

The first one was at Joann's- the Tutto (see photo below). At Joann's, this costs $157.50 before a coupon and if you get it with a 50% off, then your cost would be a little under $80 before shipping. The nice thing about this bag is that it has wheels. Also, there is a choice of colors: red, black, pink, lime or purple. Click HERE to see the order page at

Then, of course, Cricut has made a duffle for the Expression and you can view that in the picture below. It sells for $39.95 and holds the Expression machine. It only comes in the black and lime green combo shown. Click HERE to order this one and see the details.

Finally, locally here in Dallas, at a store called Charming Charlie's (corner of Park & Preston), I was able to get the bag below for $22 on sale (before tax) - normally it is $30. It also comes in brown but I liked the pink! It is such a cute bag and versatile since I can also use it as a regular travel bag. The critical dimension for finding a bag is 21" long. You would be surprised how many bags are NOT that long. To measure in the store, since I didn't have a measuring tape, I used a regular sheet of paper (11" long) and laid it out along the bag.

If any of my readers have any other bag solutions, let me know and I will post them!


  1. I bought a WorkForce tool bag at Home Depot for $12 that works great for the Expression Cricut. I am assuming the smaller one would also fit. Can't beat the price and it is very well made, for holding heavy hand tools. No pockets inside work for cartridges though so that is the only down side. Have to love the price!!!

  2. I have found the perfect bag, it even holds the 12x24 mat! It has a pocket for the power and usb cords, a separate pocket for your accessories and a very generous interior to hold paper, mats, carts in binders and the Cricut Expression. Has detachable shoulder strap and dual handles that velco together. Colors available are Navy, Royal Blue, Black and Red. Contact for more information. Jayne

  3. if you go to and type in "cricut expression bag" there are tons of rolling duffles in a few different color choices! they go anywhere from $30-$150 so look around :)

  4. Go to and look under bags and totes. Really nice bags made especially for cricut. Some even have wheels!

  5. I came across a company "31" that sells bags to be customized to what you want.They are a home party company. I use the large utility bag. I had "Mari's Cricut Expression" embroidered on the front. It has been a hit in my area. It is relatively cheap $30.00 plus embroider fee.

  6. I have been searching for a way to store my cricut cartridges. I saw the snapware ribbon container idea on Ebay for a lot of money. I kept going back and looking at the way it was made. I ordered the containers from snapware directly, got 40% off my order and free shipping. I also ordered extra containers to build upon that storage. I made this myself for a whole lot less money. It was rather easy. I stack the containers together with all my cricut crafting supplies, when I need to go with only the cartridges and manuals or other items I take along only what I need and leave the rest of the containers. It is awesome and a great inexpensive way to travel with your cricut supplies. I am also looking at a rolling, stacked tool box that opens like a tackle box, at Lowe's. It is about 80 bucks but I can also keep my cricut machines in the boxes with a lot of stuff and it will travel nicely in the back of my SUV. Check these ideas out.

  7. I bought the Cricut duffel. The bag is wonderful BUT it is very difficult to put the Cricut expression into the bag - sigh. I'm sharring a duffel my husband uses for camping - it can be interesting.

  8. Responding to "suzvit" regarding the difficulty of loading the Cricut Expression into the duffel. I know this is a late post but I just ran across your comment today. I had the same problem with mine. If you will take the removable "bottom" out of the bag and set the Expression on it and line the duffel up to the end, you can easily slide it into the duffel. I have actually just use the "bottom" as a pad to set my Cricut on while it's "out" in my craft room. When I get ready to pack for a retreat, I just grab Cricut with the pad and shove it into the duffel.. Easy Peasy!

  9. I had my expression 2 green cricuit bag for 2 weeks and the zipper broke:(


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