Saturday, January 3, 2009

Favorite Cricut Sites

I love the internet - there are so many generous, talented people on it! Combing the internet has led me to the following sites, which are chock full of tips, tidbits, new friends (message boards), tutorials, free .cut files and .svg files, etc. I am really thankful for the time and energy and generosity that has gone into these sites. Thanks to each of these people! It makes playing with the Cricut so much more fun!

Favorite Cricut Sites (not listed in any particular order);

Cricut Message Board - This site has tons of info and lots of friendly people to help you figure things out. It has sections for each cart but I found the best tips, etc. are in the categories of "Cricut Tips & Tricks", "Cricut Expressions", "Cricut Design Studio" and "Cricut Crafts".

Everything Cricut Plus Blog - This blog is amazing! There are resources for .cut files (a massive list has been compiled of free gorgeous .cut files (works with Design Studio). There is SCAL (Sure Cuts A lot software) info here, as well as info about replacement parts. There are fantastic tutorials! This is truly the "soup to nuts" blog, with tons of great info!

Susan Blue Robot - Don't you love that name? This woman is the Cricut creating queen! She has screen shot tutorials on everything including SCAL, Design Studio, Inkscape, word books, creating figures, etc. You could literally spend HOURS looking at this blog, trying to soak up everything on it.

Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Studio - This blog has fantastic Design Studio help! She covers some basic things like how to download .cut files and .txt files and use them in the Design Studio. Then there are some more advanced topics like welding, shortcuts and screenshots. Excellent resource!

Just A Scrappin' - This blog is amazing - as I posted before. Lots of great info here. This person runs the Cricutcheatsheet yahoo group also.

Capadia Designs - The most gorgeous snowflake designs are on this blog! She uses Design Studio and has fantastic .cut files available! Really beautiful things on here - including her latest which is a very elaborate border design. LOVE THIS SITE!

Bitten by the Bug - She has contests using the carts and so there are lots of gorgeous samples people have made and entered into her contests. For each contest, she might pick one item on a cart to use in a design - it's always very cool to see what people come up with and make!

Cricut Soft Cuts Sharing Blog - Gorgeous creative cuts for use with the Design Studio - submitted by Cricut users. Fun and unusual cuts!

Dan99 - He has amazing free .svg files (using Sure Cuts a Lot), .png files (photoshop files) and craftrobo files available - designed by him and uploaded once a week on Saturdays (convenient for today's post...). They stay up there for ONE week and then they are gone. This guy is so talented - there are samples of his mixed media art that are wonderful. Check him out!

Jen's Brain Things - Jen is over on the Cricut board and she very graciously and generously creates .cut files for unusual projects. It was Jen who made that beautiful gold holiday cut file inspired by Pier One that I referred to in December. At the top of her blog, she lists very clearly how to get her .cut files - if you follow those directions, you will get them! Leave her some nice comments if you can - she does so much out of the goodness of her heart!

The CricutCutter Group on Yahoo - Go out to yahoo and do a search for this group because it is amazing! Fast moving, responsive members, great info - really a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to get the most out of their Cricut or for someone who has a question and needs an answer quickly. I am on the digest version and get at least TWO per day so that is what I mean by fast moving. On Mondays, you can post things for sale also.

CricutCheatSheet Group on Yahoo - Again search on yahoo groups for this one. The board doesn't move fast at all BUT provides tons of info on what exactly is on the carts! In some cases, the actual screen shots are available and in others, it is in a spreadsheet form. A very valuable resource as you begin to compile your library. The "Just A Scrappin" blog is also run by the person who runs this.

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