Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some vintage creations...

A friend of mine on the Club Scrap board recently asked us if we would help her out by creating some ephemera/vintage cards from her parents' collection of papers, brochures, tickets, etc. In return, we could keep the parts we didn't use. She did this because both of her parents are gone and all of these vintage treasures are just too much to handle. She didn't want to just throw these things away and yet, keeping it all was too hard. I think it's amazing she thought of this clever way to retain some of the vintage goodies and yet release the rest to others who would treasure it. At the end, she plans to assemble some type of book to hold all the cards she gets.

She had us use these "Ed-U-Cate" cards as a base (approx. 3.5x5) as they are made from sturdy chipboard. Also, if desired, the print on them could be used in the design. Mine were of a monarch (ruler, not butterfly) and the "spinning jenny", so I covered them over with some Club Scrap paper and ink.

Before I received my package, I couldn't imagine what we would be inside. Then, when I opened it, I found paper dolls, a AAA brochure, a catalog from the 50s/60s that had furniture in it, various ads from the times (many of them feminine hygiene...yikes!), the cutest baby paper cutouts EVER, and a birthday card from a "secret admirer". Also, on one of the papers, somebody (her mom?) had handwritten a shopping list so I decided to include that on one of my cards.

I had the most fun making these two cards!! They went together quickly and figuring out where to place things was fairly easy due to the size restrictions. I highly recommend a project like this for dealing with these types of papers.


  1. thanks Joy, it has given some great ideas for all the stuff my mum has.

    hugs Chrissy x

  2. I know..old post, but had to comment!!! I have so many paper dolls I collected from when I was younger, I can only imagine what a cute Betsy McCall card would look like! I also have some that were made for specific doll shows that my Mom was involved with (she made reproduction porcelain dolls from the 19th and early 20th century). So I may have to try this to make some special cards for members of my family!

    Imagine that, Joy! You are giving me fantastic ideas from 2008!!!!!

    Gosh Luv ya Gal!!!


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