Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Video]CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Ivy Lane Friends Card

These Close to My Heart card kits are so quick and easy - what a fun way to get 15 cards done super fast!

Today's card ("Life is better with friends") was made using the Close to My Heart Ivy Lane Card workshop which makes 5 cards of 3 designs each and includes a full stamp set, paper, embellishments and cards/envelopes (see below):
You can see how fast the card gets made by watching the video below!

Products Used:

Inks used were pear, cocoa and hollyhock.
Click HERE for Cricut Craft Room File for the Ivy Lane Card Workshop.

Check out the video below to see how to make the card (click HERE if you can't see the video):

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  1. I usually make my own cards but on occasion I have bought some of the CTMH card kits (love the Christmas ones) and I really enjoyed making them.


  2. More often than not I make my own cards; however, I have ordered one card kit around Christmas time....just help me get thru the season faster. With what I had made previously and the card kit (which I still have some more to make) I have more than enough Christmas cards to last me for the next few years. lol Thanks for sharing your time, talents, and ideas with us. Love your videos.

  3. Not bought a card kit but have rcvd some wonderful pieces from card kits thru my DT at Cuttin; & Stampin' and have used them to make a card.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. I just used them this weekend for the first time. I usually make my own but loved trying out the card kits and will probably use them again. Love to add my own spin on them.

  5. No - I used a card kit once that I won in a giveaway, but generally I like to do my own thing - I have so many tools and supplies - I need to use them!

  6. I've used the card kits, but tend to want to vary them a bit for my own style. They are a great starting point, and sometimes I actually follow the instructions. :-)

  7. I don't usually use card kits. I have a couple sitting on a shelf and find that as I make cards they are so custom for that person that I end up doing my own thing, I would like to be inspired to make a bunch of general cards to have on hand to give away for that last minute moment when I didn't have enough time, :)

  8. very pretty card. No I don't usually use card kits.

  9. I only use card kits if they speak to me, the papers are fantastic or the embellishments are something I have never tried. I like using my Cricut for most of my cards.

  10. Sometimes I use the card kits if I'm in a pinch and need a card for something super quick, but I usually make my own cards from ideas that I have on my own. :) I just like using my Cricut waaaaay too much to use a pre-made kit! ;)

  11. I have never bought or used a card kit, but I am open to the idea. I can see how they would be useful. Very pretty card you shared today.

  12. love this card kit! So stinking cute!!

  13. Joy,
    Great video, super easy with a card kit...15 cards, wow. By the way, l love your tweezer bee tweezers.

  14. Thanks for sharing your pretty card! I have never used a card kit.

  15. I love card kits. They do all the measuring and thinking for you. All you have to do is create.

  16. I do not use card kits. I am a newbie to making cards and am trying to get my supplies together so I can. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  17. I used card kits when I first started making cards but now I just freestyle. Jill P., Manteca, CA

  18. I have used card kits before and really like them for fast designed cardmaking. Since my daughter is having a baby in July this cricut cart would be wonderful to have. D. Perl Columbia, Ca

  19. I make all my own cards. Bought a card kit once but never followed instructions as I did
    not like the way they did it - used their supplies and Did it my way! So as you can see - that
    is why I make my own cards.

  20. I haven't found any card kits that I like enough to buy them I like making my own color combinations - but I have seen some pretty ones.

  21. Getting a kit sure does take the thinking out of a card. Not a bad thing. A little help now and then is surely a blessing. Thanks for a chance to win,
    Mary O'Neal

  22. WOW I love this card I was looking at this just today to add to my online order for an gathering I would love to put together in June. Thanks for making my decision for me.


  23. Yes! I have used card kits! I would love, love the The First Few Years Cricut cart because I now have a brad new little Granddaughter born in March! :) I so love your wonderful ideas! Thanks Joy!
    K. Christen

  24. I have used a couple of card kits,but I wasn't too impressed with them. I think I just need to keep searching to find a quality kit that suits my style. This kit and your card look great!

  25. No on the card kits,I have not! I like to do my own cards, but I do have two card making cricut cartridges!
    Thanks so much for sharing your card kit & giveaway, great job!

  26. I do not use card kits....I like to make my own designs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. I usually make mine from what I got and watching from You Tube I do have a few 3 Bird card kits From HSN..♥

  28. I never use card kits - why spend the money when I have so many supplies on hand? I generally look online or on Pinterest for ideas, then make my own version of them.
    Elaine S.

  29. I've never tried a kit, as I have fun picking and matching up supplies in my craft room, but this looks very pretty. I might have to give one a try, now! Thank you for all the great ideas and videos, Joy. BethAnn M.

  30. Yes, when I find some that I really, really like. I like your card! It's really nice. Thanks.

  31. I have used one I got it free with something. If I found others I like I would use them.

  32. I've never tried a kit. But if it makes it easier and faster, I'm all for it since I currently take an hour for one card (I'm still a n00b at this).

  33. I bought a card kit but really didn't like it.

  34. I just love everthing you do! Thanks for all you show us!

  35. I have just recently started using the CTMH card kits and love the coordinating papers. Don't generally make the suggested cards but, instead, make my own with the great papers and accessories. Would love to see more card kits. Wouldn't it be fun to have the same great selection for cards as there is for scrapbook pages? Am excited to see the new idea book coming in August, as well as find out what changes are being made.

    Sandy C, Missoula MT

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