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New Cricut Giveaway - Bridal Shower
How can you win?

1) Leave a comment below - What flavor cake do you like best? Chocolate with white buttercream icing for me!
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  1. Hi Joy well my favorite cake is Carrot Cake with the cream cheese frosting and nuts on top I so love it.
    Hope you are doing well and are still on a grandeoso high from from Anniversary celebration trip and hope
    to see you back on you tube soon soooo miss you!! have an awesome Wednesday!!

  2. My favorite cake flavor is a yellow cake with strawberries in the inside and butter cream frosting :)

  3. My favorite cake is chocolate doberge cake.

  4. my husband is an amazing baker and cake decorator so I get to sample cakes on special occasions! I love orange cake with buttercream icing!

  5. Hi Joy! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I'm not sure WHAT is my fav cake right now as it seems I've been on a perpetual 'diet' for so long I forget what cake tastes like LOL!!! But, reading Joan's answer of Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting has started my heart a' fluttering, so I'll just say right now, that is on top of my desire list! ...THANKS ALOT JOAN!!! :)

  6. Hope that Spring is dancing its way to you. We haven't seen hide nor hair of her in Minnesota! My favorite cake is chocolate ganache cake. I'm kind of an all-chocolate all-the-time kind of gal!

  7. carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. We are having cold weather here. Spring is tomorrow and they are saying Snow showers on Friday? Where or Where is Spring? Are we going from Winter to Summer - hope not.! Have a good day and hopefully a warm one! Cold and windy here.

  8. My favorite cake is German chocolate. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Yellow cake with chocolate icing is my all time favorite cake. Now I want a piece of cake!

  10. White cake with butter cream frosting.

  11. Chocolate with mouse layers covered in ganache.

  12. My fav cake is yellow cake with chocolate marble thru it & chocolate frosting or Angel Food no icing.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  13. My favorite cake is a rich, moist dark chocolate with dark chocolate frosting. I placed an order on Monday. Can't wait to get that free stamp set!

  14. My favorite is definitely a pumpkin cake with a cinnamon icing.

  15. I would have to say it is a tie between Carrot & Pumpkin cake w/Cream Cheese frosting. Yummmm!

  16. Strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. Don't forget the strawberry filling. :)

  17. I like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

  18. White, yellow or chocolate with almond flavoring...topped with almond flavored butter cream icing. (Hard choice between that and vanilla or chocolate cake with peanut butter icing) You're making me hungry! lol

  19. I love chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, OR banana cake with whipped cream frosting.... yum!

  20. I've only recently stumbled across your blog, and I love it! Thank you so much for everything you do!

    My favorite cake is a fresh raspberry cake with vanilla bean icing!!

  21. My favorite cake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting. Thanks for sharing your time, talent and ideas with us.

  22. Gee, that's a hard one since I love cake. But, I guess my favorite is chocolate cake with white whipped frosting.

  23. Favorite is carrot cake. Maybe deep inside I think it is healthy. Anyway it is sooo good. Thank you so much for sharing.

  24. My favorite cake flavor is pineapple-upside down cake. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I love white cake with white icing especially for a wedding but my husband loves chocolate on chocolate -----Nancy

  26. Hmm - does cheese cake (with berry topping) count as cake? Or I also like carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

  27. I love chocolate and spice cake.

  28. My favorite cake is yellow cake or rainbow cake and to be cover in buttercream icing with some rainbow sprikes. ;-) Delama Starling

  29. I love red velvet cake with the white icing. It sounds and is luxurious. thanks for all your tips. buckeyepharm

  30. Chocolate, chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting!

  31. chocolate , chocolate , chocolate , chocolate , chocolate , chocolate
    Bridal cartridfge looks fun.

  32. Today is my birthday and we celebrated with white cake and white buttercream favorite!

  33. The cake of my own invention is my favorite:

    White chocolate with whipped cream frosting, toasted cocoanut on top and fresh raspberry filling

  34. I love lots of cake flavors, but recently made a peach filled cake that was delicious!

  35. I love all cake flavors but almond is one of my all time favorite!
    Pam in Maryland

  36. I love all the ideas. Keep them coming.

    Dalyce from Dallas

  37. Love to comment on your youtube items. They are the best as are your tutorials. One of these days I may even win. Thanks for all you do.

  38. Congrats to the winners. Thanks for the coupon codes. Have a blessed day
    DIANA L.

  39. Thanks for the link to the Cricut handbooks. I have been trying to download the Create a Critter 2 digital handbook for about a month. I keep getting the error: "A network error occurred while accessing this document on the internet. Would you like to close the document or reload it." I've tried deleting my temporary internet files and cookies. I still ge the error. Has anyone been able to download the Create a Critter 2 digital handbook? Any ideas how to download it?

  40. Love the teddy bear cricut, you can usefitbfor so many different cards!!

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