Thursday, February 27, 2014

[Video]How to Use Custom Settings on Cricut Explore Design Space

The new Cricut Explore makes cutting different materials a cinch with this dial!

But, what if you want to cut a different material like felt, leather, metal, or vellum?  Or what if you want to create your own custom setting?

Well, you can!  See the video below on how to do it - it's really easy.  I created a setting for intricate designs in the video and now it's saved - so I can use it over and over!

Watch the video below (or click HERE if you can't see it):

Click here to find out more about Cricut Explore and Design Space.

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  1. Wonderful. I cut glitter cardstock and when I cut a word/phrase it tears sometimes. I adjust the blade from 6 to 5 and it cuts ok then.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. I am really enjoying these Explore lessons. Thank you so much for doing the videos, as I am a very visual learner!

  3. I am learning so much from your Explore videos! Thanks so much! The number of different materials you can cut is astonishing!my machine is supposed to arrive today! I keep watching for that delivery truck! Lol I am also a visual learner and I will be back to see what you have next.

  4. wow I'm so excited about all the materials you can cut, don't get me wrong I love my cardstock but I want to explore other materials too!

  5. I am learning so much from your Explore videos! Thanks so much!. thanks

  6. Question: Can we use any of our current "MY DIGITAL STUDIO" linked cartridges on this new machine? Is there a way to?

  7. Question: Can we use any of our current "MY DIGITAL STUDIO" linked cartridges on this new machine? Is there a way to? -

  8. I am enjoying the videos you are putting out on the Explore.

    Kathleen Baugh

  9. I love the idea of the dial for all the different materials and that it can cut more materials!!! Thanks for all the information and the giveaway!!

  10. I love all the materials you can cut!

  11. Terrific! I am so glad we can cut so many items. I Loved watching your intricate cut! It was so pretty. Edwina Brown

  12. Terrific! Keep up the great work and help with the Explore. Please pick me.


  13. Great video and the cut is soooo pretty. Thanks for sharing


  14. I love your videos. That is so cool that you can add your own setting and save them so you can go back to them. That is awesome!
    Kathy U:)


  15. Awesome with all the choices and the ability to customize.

  16. Thanks for sharing your time, talents and ideas with us.

  17. I"m sure I'm in the minority - but I don't really cut other materials - I can't even keep up with my paper projects!

  18. That is so awesome that you can set and save your own custom settings. Thanks so much for sharing all these great tips for us, it is really helpful. And thanks for sharing how awesome the cuts are. Have a great day!

  19. I am waiting for my new Cricut to arrive and am so glad to listen/watch your videos. Thanks for sharing!

  20. My Explore is scheduled to arrive today and I cannot decide which material to try first. I am quite certain it will be paper since that is what I have on-hand and it does not require much preparation, but I think fabric won't be too far behind. Thanks again to sharing what you have learned with us so we can get to creating a little faster.

  21. Well I'm impressed with all the materials the guess work is done. My Explore was scheduled to arrive yesterday but it shipped out yesterday but I did receive my Explore Antique & Metallic markers and my Explore tool kit with the scorer today....

  22. What an incredible machine! Your tutorials are amazing. thanks for sharing!

  23. A great machine. Again, a great tutorial.
    Mary O'Neal

  24. Thanks for the clear, concise video. I can't wait for the release date so I can start Exploring!

  25. In my opinion the ability to easily cut different media is a great innovation.

  26. I think I have to wait for all the kinks to be worked out then start to really "explore" everything about the new machine, in terms of supplies I am overwhelmed thanks for the chance to win

  27. Can't wait to try out all these different materials on the new machine! Thanks for the great tutorial.

  28. Thanks for the video!!!! You always do a great job.

  29. don't know if the first one went through so I said this one looks good.

  30. I love all the materials that the Cricut Explore can cut. I am counting down the days till mine arrives. I have never tried cutting chipboard before . I have tried Material on the expression but is it is a hit or miss. I can't wait to see how the new machines cuts all the different materials I have been dying o try. Love all your videos as they have been a great learning experience.

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