Friday, March 20, 2009

More screen shots of the new Cricut carts Life's A Beach and Lyrical Letters

One of my favorite blogs, Everything Cricut, has posted even more screen shots of the new Cricut cartridges Life's A Beach and Lyrical Letters. Beware, though, because after seeing the screen shots, you are going to want to buy these. They are so darn cute! The Life's A Beach one has all kinds of sayings and borders that would be great for cards and pages - very versatile! I love the palm tree border! And the Lyrical Letters one is awesome also - 6 fonts!

Anyway, check it out HERE but please don't blame me if you have to order them after seeing this....

One last thing, are you wondering where to order them? Well, these places have them on pre-order and should be shipping out in the next week or so:

Cutters Creek - MAY/JUNE delivery for them, Oh My Crafts, CraftECorner.


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