Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why I have been missing...

The following photos will explain why I've been absent the last few weeks from the blog.
I got new flooring throughout my house. Seriously I call this experience moving without having enough boxes! We're still getting the house put back together. We had amazing contractors that worked super quick! Floors look amazing! We got wood luxury vinyl tile and new "pet barf proof" specialty carpeting. And since a cat immediately threw up on the carpet once it was installed, I can attest that the carpet performs as promised! Whoop! (Just what you wanted to know, right?)
I ended up putting a lot of loose scrapbook items in my kids bathroom while they replaced the floor in the scrapbook room. Yes, I know- it looks like a hoarders episode. So I've been cleaning out. You'll be relieved to know I have got this bathroom back into working order (I know you were
Right after the floors went in and before I even touched that hoarded out bathroom, I dashed off to San Antonio for a Close to My Heart event where we previewed the new Workshops Your Way program which launches in January! Had a ton of fun on the river in downtown San Antonio- all the Christmas lights were up.

It was chilly but fun!

Got home from that and have been organizing/giving away stuff from my craft room. Look for an upcoming post and video all about that.
And now, here's where I'm at: I have a wicked bad cold! Yuck! 

I hope you are doing well as we fly into this next busy week! I love you! Hugs!!


  1. i have been missing you and praying...glad to hear other than a bad cold you are ok

  2. Wow, that's a big project! Glad you're back and hope you feel much better soon!

  3. YAY WOOT WOOT Awesome how Awesome great to hear that you are OK and your digs are all spruced up how fun....and so glad you had a Funtastic CTMH vaca.....Feel better kiddo....TFS!!
    YOU so ROCK!!!!

  4. Sorry about the cold, but so glad it's nothing too serious that has kept you away from us! I was wondering where you were and hoping it wasn't bad news after the last year. Your new floors sound wonderful, and it looks like you had fun in San Antonio. Can't wait to see your next projects!

  5. Wait. What? Pet barf carpet? I'm guessing I need this too! Glad all is well! Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas, Joy...hope you are feeling much better by Christmas!

  7. You've been one busy lady!!! Congrats on the new flooring-must look awesome! The work moving all the crap to get it done though-yikes!!!

  8. My Goodness! How busy you've been! Hope you feel better soon, good to have you back!

  9. Wow, you are brave doing all that right before the holidays! I would love to know where you get puke proof carpet for kitties! I could use that. Here's my email if you don't mind sharing the brand and where you got it. cascrapper at gmail dot com.


  10. New products look exciting for the new year.

  11. Glad to have you back, I love seeing your ideas! Thanks!


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