Friday, May 13, 2011

Cricut Everyday Pop Up Cards Diagrams

It looks like blogger ate this post so here we go again!

I have compiled a pdf file showing the diagrams of the Cricut Everyday Pop Up Cards pop ups so making your cards just got a whole lot easier.

And, I found a great site to share my files that looks a lot easier to use than previous choices.

So, click HERE to download a copy of my Cricut Everyday Pop Up Cards diagrams.

Want to see more of my projects? Click HERE to see my gallery!
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  1. What an offer to download this great free pop up cards l'll be trying them out in the near future thanks :)

  2. This is great!! TFS! I don't have this cartridge yet, but hopefully in the future someday to I saved this to my cpu. THANK YOU!!! -Sam :-)

  3. I would really like to be able to do that. Thanks!

  4. This will be a lot of help. Thanks so much.

  5. I don't have this cartridge yet, but this will be helpful if I ever do get it. Thanks Joy and have a great weekend!!

  6. thanks so much for the file to down load. I just love pop-up cards.

  7. I am not a card maker ( I'm into scrapbooking) but checked out your pdf file anyway. Very easy to follow and in color too! I just love how helpful you are and I continue to learn from you.

  8. wow, what an easy download site! Hope everyone starts using it.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks Joy for sending the PDF file, I really appreciate it! :)

    majelica at comcast dot net

  10. Thank you for the PDF file. I love popups! Neat Cartridge!

  11. So talented...great work!

    Come check me out at:

  12. I love pop up cards, are these easier to assemble then making them from scratch

  13. I don't have this Cartridge.But sure hope to someday, because I Love Pop Up Cards. Thanks for the file to download. :0)

  14. amazing.. you make it soooo easy to follow i just love the pop up cards...

  15. I don't have the cartridge at this time but figured I better download this for when I do get the cartridge. I have a great-grandson that would love these pop-up cards. Of course, with flowers and all - everyone would. TFS

  16. I love popup cards! Seeing these makes me really want this cartridge! They are awesome. Thanks for posting this...saving it for when I do get the cartridge.

  17. I was wondering how these cards go togther. Thanks abunch.
    Hugs, Jessica

  18. Thanks SO much for doing this and sharing it!! I have this cartridge and was very disappointed when there were NO instructions on how to assemble the pop-up parts.
    Now I can go make some without a lot of confusion and frustration!

  19. Love the instructions. Don't have this cartridge yet, but will keep on file for when I do.
    THanks for the inspiration.

  20. the more I see of the pop ups the more I want to try them with my grand daughters, thanks.

  21. Got to have this cart now. Thanks

  22. This cart really intrigues me. Thanks so much for you insight!

  23. I don't have this cartridge, but what an amazing help it will be when I get it! Thanks for the work you did.

  24. That would be a great help to be able to change things around before making it permanent.

  25. Wow! Thank you! Your engineering background shows. You've made us all into paper engineers too.

  26. Thank you ever sew much for making this easier!!! I have added your link to my blog Her Craftiness that others may profit and succeed! Again, thank you
    Her Craftiness

  27. Oh, THANK YOU so very much for this. Wow - what a resource! TFS
    Cheers, Karen

  28. Provocraft should pay you for doing this! You turned one of their sub-par products into a real winner. Thank you so much!

  29. I was so upset when I bought this cart. I'm so glad you figured it out. I hope it is directions for dummies:) TY again.

  30. thanks so much for the file to down load. I just love pop-up cards.

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